Duke Nukem's Metacritic score finally dips below 50

Duke's troubles are forever getting worse as the Xbox 360 critics bite harder than ever.

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shades723439d ago

"Generally Unfavourable" lol.

darthv723439d ago

Is it really that bad like people say? Or, is personal hype clouded rational thought because it took so long to finally get released?

I will play the demo with no expectations other than it's duke and he is here to kick ass and chew bubble gum......and he's all out of gum.

DarkCharizard_3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

0-25 = Bad.

25-50 = below average.

50 = Average.

50-75 = above average.

75-100 = Excellent.

Tompkins3439d ago

I feel bad for Gearbox, Randy is such an awesome guy.

Just make Borderlands 2 already

Max_Dissatisfaction3439d ago

in what world is 75 excellent?

DarkCharizard_3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

For movies it works like this. 75 is a great score, and 80+ is exceptional. The games industry "journalism" is run by a bunch of fanboy basement-rats and trolls sitting on their moms couch.. get real b*tc*es, nothing is perfect. All the 10/10's you give is just a senseless number given by a person addicted to piehole

MAJ0R3439d ago

any game that scores below a 70 is more than likely crap

omi25p3439d ago

0-25 = Bad.

25-50 = Below Average.

50 = Average.

50-75 = Above Average.

75-90 = Good

90-100 = Excellent.


ASSASSYN 36o3439d ago

In a underachiever world apparently max.

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TimTebo3439d ago

50: Yellow Color...Medicore

Difference between the 2?

A point.

Man its been a slow news week.

coolasj3439d ago

Oh. By , " A Point " I thought you mean like, a literal point. Something you could talk about. nvm.

halocursed3439d ago

After seeing the gameplay videos, did anyone expect otherwise?

Tompkins3439d ago

looks like a game that should have been released 10 years ago

shades723439d ago

And you have Peter Molyneux ashamed of 80 Metacritic score. Kind of puts things into perspective Peter.

EazyC3439d ago

Biggest gaming disappointment ever? I thought so. Gives the Duke a bad name.

In second place is the N-Gage. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.