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Mixing the JRPG and MMO genres is a great idea, but with WKC2 Level-5 fails again and gets a mixed result.

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NewMonday3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

just got this, held off playing the first one until this released, i love it so far, the only problem for me is the bland character designs.

one of the big things i love about it is traveling around towns and going inside building with no loading like in GTA or RDR. makes exploring much easier.

And I want to thank the community players, they take the time to help me in my low level missions despite being 40-50 levels above me.

TBM3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I'll be picking it up day one since I enjoyed the first game, im glad I still kept my save file for it. I know i'll enjoying part 2 just the same. I don't let other people tell me which games I should like, buy, or play.

There opinions are there's and it really doesn't matter much to me when it comes to which games I buy, and play.

I think imma import it instead of waiting till September to play it.

Question does anyone know a site where I can import from europe other than play-asia that's just as reliable?

TBM3440d ago

cool thx for info, also i have an account with would my log-in work on the uk site?

FamilyGuy3440d ago won't ship games internationally but your U.S. login does work on that site.

Max_Dissatisfaction3441d ago

What is the point of a mediocre exclusive?

shammgod3441d ago

What is the point of trolling comments?

Baka-akaB3441d ago

maybe you could find the answer with too human .

Perjoss3441d ago

or Lair, or perhaps Haze?

Baka-akaB3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Indeed , but just pointing out the (usual) stupidity of his interventions .

Hell WKC got a rather sizeable fan community , especially online ... while those three other games have been dead right from their launch .

Arksine3441d ago


I was thinking Alan Wake.

Minato-Namikaze3441d ago

Can't take his bubbles, what a shame

thereapersson3441d ago

Just report it as "trolling".

thief3441d ago

Well, there is a point, look at Halo - millions still love to play it despite being so mediocre.

cozmo1953440d ago

wait, wait, wait...
"What is the point of a mediocre exclusive?"
Then why post the article.......

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