Skyrim's Dragon-Speak, Dungeons, Economy detailed | GRTV

GR-UK: Learning the language of the dragons. Exploring one of over 150 dungeons. Making the world seem more alive than ever. And that big question; how does the economy work? Bethesda's Craig Lafferty explains all to GRTV at E3 in this Skyrim interview, as he explains the new Elder Scrolls lets you "be what you want, and do what you want."

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herukuti3446d ago

looks really good; i saw a clip of some rogue action and cant wait to try being a rogue or stealthy type character and hope im not at a disadvantage against dragons as that type of character. also i hope the guy who did the assassins brotherhood quest line is aboard on this and i hope there are more mini quests in this game versus the few in fallout 3. also i love the dungeon crawl of oblivion and the dark feel of tunnel running in fallout 3 and hope its not missing from this game.

ArchangelMike3445d ago

Skyrim is definately on my radar. But soo many games coming out, it might have to take a back seat to Uncharted 3 though! Tough call!!