Why Game of Thrones Deserves a Video Game Adaptation writes: "If there was any TV show that deserved a video game adaptation, Game of Thrones would be it."

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TimTebo3439d ago

Christ. Cynacide is already working on a Game of Thrones game...

Really wish the author would've done his research....

moocho3439d ago

(btw, the studio name is CYANIDE)

xenophage3439d ago

Read the article. He acknowledges the game but doesn't feel it would do the game show/book justice.

Baka-akaB3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

but his idea wont necessarily neither . A rpg to explore westeros ? Ok then it cant mostly be heavily be linked to the books and focus instead on new chars adventures or previous ones .

You can't easily do otherwise , besides a strategy game , when as much time is spent in courts and among characters dialoguing , rather than your regular fantasy battles and action scenes .

Imo a rts is the perfect fit for A Song of Fire and Ice , compared to some brawler , or fighting nobodies in a rpg .

Again the serie is even more about court intrigues and war strategies and alliances , than epic action tales .

DonMingos3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

@Baka-akaB, I tottaly agree.

While I was watching the series it was like watching an RTS game on tv without the battles (don't really know why they don't show the battles on the show).

It's all about diplomacy, intrigue, alliances and 8 houses fighting for the 7 kingdoms. That is all about an RTS game with a strong online/lan component, to play with 7 other friends, each one taking care of it's own house (We could even include the house of Greyjoy and the Dotrakhi).

If Cyanide can make it work it will be awesome

bobrea3439d ago

Yea, more video games based on movies and shows is exactly what we need. Developers working on original titles sure would suck

zoks3103439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Agreed, like the book is not enough we have to have a show and a video game also, only things missing are a clothing line, a food sponsorship, a soap opera, and an etching on the Moon.

bobrea3438d ago

Hell, I don't even think the show is anything special. I've watched four episodes so far and I can't get over how mediocre it is. I'm really, really trying to like it since I love fantasy stuff and all of my friends love it, but I can't.

ViserysTargaryen3439d ago

Can't wait until I can reclaim the Seven Kingdoms from the Usurper without the aid of these Dothraki dogs.

Perjoss3439d ago

spoiler alert!!

dude, you're kind of dead.

Lucreto3439d ago

How is your crown working for you.

ViserysTargaryen3439d ago

Thats all wanted, what was promised.

DonMingos3439d ago

You don't have dragon blood...

A Dragon can't be hurt with fire

Eamon3439d ago

lol this made me laugh actually.

ViserysTargaryen3439d ago

Silence!! You don't want to wake the dragon do you?

Eamon3439d ago

Can I try your crown?

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Ness-Psi3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

as long as they keep the fisting scene in (mini game time) lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.