Capcom's Big Evil Screw-Up (

Capcom's latest business decision regarding a huge Nintendo 3DS release could very well be a big problem for gamers, and's latest editorial discusses why.

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Brawler3439d ago

I agree when I play resident evil games I always had multiple saves when something big was happening or just so if I screw up I could go back to another save and try again. My questions is can you overwrite the saves or once there you can only continue them.

DeleteThisxx3439d ago

Yeah, I guess you haven't realized this isn't a traditional RE game. This is Mercenaries. I don't know why all of you are complaining, I'd understand completely if this was a game that was a traditional single player game but it's not. The game itself starts AFTER you unlock everything. Why anyone would want to start over is beyond me.


Alos883439d ago

I'm not buying this or any other game that uses this system.

andron3439d ago

This is even worse than having to be online to play Final Fight: Double Impact. Get this sorted Capcom...

Foxgod3439d ago

Who cares, its mercenaries, a shooter game that happens to carry the name resident evil, and features a resident evil cast.

Bring me Revelations instead, that one looks awesome!

GuruStarr783439d ago

This sucks...... I had this game at number 1 on my Q on Gamefly and when I went to their site this morning I saw that they had the game marked as "Un-rentable".

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