Perspective: Supreme Court's "Brown vs. EMA" Decision [Triple Entente Radio]

Today, the majority of the Supreme Court in an opinion written by Justice Scalia struck down a California law that would have fined retailers for selling certain violent video games to minors and required those games to display a 2 inch sticker with the number 18 on the front.

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gameguidedog3439d ago

Good for them. 'Bout time, they should also have M rated games on the top shelves out of minors view entirely. Course standees, posters and promos are still in their faces, but a 'kids safe' section of the store would be a better layout if and when possible. :)

JokesOnYou3439d ago

I'm glad to see the courts side with gaming a vote not to legislate more restrictions, but I also dont have a problem with them keeping the current ESRB system in place, some games are not appropriate for kids, just like some movies, music etc are not appropriate for kids however I believe its ultimately a parents job to monitor what their kids are playing, not the governments job to Parent for them.