Uncharted 3 Beta Launch Time Revealed

Naughty Dog has been asked by numerous gamers when the beta will be going live, it is not at midnight on the dot.


Beta is now live everywhere but the servers are down.

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metsgaming3092d ago

im guessing pacific time thats where ND is located or Tokyo time.

SageHonor3092d ago

If its tokyo time then it could go live around 1 AM?

fuzion17c3092d ago

It said 2pm Pacific Time on the Wells' Twitter.

Best3092d ago

haha so ironic that the halo 4 beta is coming out the same day.

mantisimo3092d ago

pacific day time just twittered so 9pm british summer time for us in the UK.

Hope it downloads quickly.

I_find_it_funny3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

^^ 10 PM, the difference between UK and Pacific is always 8 hours, summer time or not

11 PM for continental Europe

mantisimo3092d ago

whoopsy you're right 10pm for us in uk heres a
worldwide events list

evilunklebud3092d ago


Not ironic at all... I get two potentially great demos to try! So cool!!

Skip_Bayless3092d ago

Everyone please don't start your download until 2:10 pst so I can get my game smoothly.

FriedGoat3092d ago

Well! The servers are back up i have played 3 games and finished NONE OF THEM. This game has made my ps3 slow down to hell until its frozen 3 times. I've played in Stereoscopic mode 2 times and the other time i played normally dies once and was unable to respawn! woot!

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TheBeast3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Edit: metsb beat me to it.

The_Claw3092d ago

its been available in the hong kong store for about 10 hours now people

firemassacre3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

uncharteds announced, uncharteds nigh, i can kiss my life goodbye.

Gunshot3092d ago

I'll wait till the excitement dies down.

Joni-Ice3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

LOL, Then when you play it and get all excited, everyone will be looking at look like you're late to the party. Haven't you waited long enough?

subtenko3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Within 8mins of the store going live, I went to download UC3 beta and it already had 2000+ ratings. Dannnng, and not everyone even rates the downloads, so a truck load of people were waitin for it,

LIKE A BOSS...or in this case, LIKE A [e]XPLORER!

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peeps3092d ago

I wonder if it will be at 2pm Pacific world wide i.e. 9pm for BST? (I think that's right anyway)

Sub4Dis3092d ago

this comment makes no sense. 2pm pacific world wide? only one time zone is running on pacific time.

Biggest3092d ago

Your understanding of the comment is the problem. There is a 1400 PST and it is worldwide. If you live in Japan, 1400 PST still happens.

peeps3092d ago

Sorry, my comment was a little confusing but I'm sure most would have understood what I meant.

Sub4Dis3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

i guess my point was that any time you ever see someone say anything related to time zone time (i.e. 2pm PST), you always recalculate for your time zone. so that makes the initial question pointless. yes it happens at 2pm pst at the same time everywhere, it's just not 2pm where you are.

TheCampfireSong3092d ago

Thank god i don't work tomorrow.

Joni-Ice3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Me either. No job! Got to get one badly. Too many games coming out.

Jaces3092d ago

I work days so when I get home I an guarantee I'll be on the rest of the day...and night :)


crematory3092d ago

com one guys GMT PLEASE?

I_find_it_funny3092d ago

you don't know what's the time difference between your GMT and Pacific Time (Los Angeles) ?

ok I wont tell you but a just a clue for GMT+1 it's 9 hours

mantisimo3092d ago

Pacific day time to British summer time(gmt+1)
add 7 hours so 9pm.

mantisimo3092d ago

I put the wrong time see above post of mine and again a link to the time in your region.

10pm in UK

cobra43092d ago

Hmm. I think I went the wrong direction there. I think it's 5 haha