Warner: No plan to drop HD neutrality

According to Warner Bros. spokesman Jim Noonan, the studio has not changed its dual high-def format stance - contrary to the rumors started when Warner VP of HD Media, Dan Silverberg, hinted that the studio was re-evaluating its stance on being HD neutral in the format war.

"As far as whether this is an iron-clad situation, we are a smart company and evaluate all of our strategies on an ongoing basis. It won't be any different in this case." said Noonan. "We have not altered our decision to be in both formats."

The fourth quarter "is another piece of information," Noonan added.

(Reported by DVD Town via Video Business Online on October 31)

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Bladestar4866d ago

Warner: No plan to drop HD neutrality... and if we did... we would tell you...

drewdrakes4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

lol ya...well we all know that whoever drops Back to the Future first will inevitably win!
Edit: Never mind, i just researched and found that Universal did Back to the Future, so ill get flamed by blu-ray fanboys :S.

Meus Renaissance4866d ago

The fourth quarter "is another piece of information," Noonan added.

What is the 4th quarter, does he mean fiscal year? And what does he mean by "another piece of information".

jaja14344866d ago

Basically its means they want to see how each formate sales. Which is somewhat lopped sided right now with the 198$ HD player. But there's plenty of time for BR to make its own price drop. In any event 4th quarter roughly means Christmas time sales.

XxZxX4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

you will be surprise what gonna happen next ;)

PR wouldn't say **** until it really happen.

Shaka2K64866d ago

Easy, dont drop it yet, milk the blind tools over the holiday season to get rid of unsold h-dud stock then after the holidays are over focus just on the superior format Blu-ray.
perfect plan gets rid of all those unsold copies of the matrix or batman and then BOOM!
Blu-ray exclusive starting next year.

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

LOL..couldn't have said it ne better...

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The story is too old to be commented.