GamerFitNation: UFC Personal Trainer Xbox Kinect Review

GamerFitNation made the claim that UFC Personal Trainer was going to be the greatest fitness game ever. GamerFitNation stands by that claim. GamerFitNation's BlackBible gives his Review of THQ's UFC Personal Trainer. This review was done on the Xbox Kinect.

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xtheownerzx3092d ago

A 10 out 10 you must have really like the game, what was your favorite workout?


This game is the BEst i've played

Serjikal_Strike3092d ago

"This game will transform you from gamer to Warrior"

LOL...I stopped reading right there!

BLACKBIBLE3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

I feel that this game is the closes we are going to get to a P90X Game. It has all the elements, muscles confusion, calisthenics, and cardio.

Hitman07693092d ago

Nice glad to know it came out well.

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