Crysis 2: DX 9 vs DX 11 - compiles some footage of Crysis 2 using Direct X 9, and then with Direct X 11 and the new hi-res textures.

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just_looken3983d ago

it is nice to bad these dx11 games require 64bit os to run them at max but stil nice to see dx11 being used finnaly.

hellerphant3983d ago

It definitely makes a difference

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Elven63983d ago

For all the slack they've gotten, CryTek was really able to push DirectX 9 to its limits. It kind of makes me wonder how much potential is left in other builds of DirectX and why we generally don't see this level of detail/performance.

a_bro3983d ago

Valve has done a good job on that front as well.

dkgshiz3983d ago

Huh, a little late to the party now. The real question is did Crysis 2 MP ever take off? Or did it crash and burn in a month flat. Seemed kind of like a mediocre MP experience to me when I played it.

kaveti66163983d ago

The quality of the MP no longer determines its popularity.

Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 were never very popular, but a lot of KZ gamers here will attest to its quality.

MW2 and BLOPS have many a problem but draw in many.

Crysis 2's MP was a good first attempt, and even if it was great, I don't think it would succeed in attracting too many players.

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The story is too old to be commented.