Rumor: 'Mission Icefly' Slowly Reveals Halo 4

What is thought to be a viral ARG called 'Mission Icefly' is reportedly part of the marketing campaign for Halo 4. The evidence is strong, which makes the fact that testers are needed even more inviting!

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bwazy3441d ago

What the FUCK did I just watch?

Update: Don't waste your time, video is lamezors

ChrisPriestman3441d ago

Try reading the article that the video is only a small part of :/

bwazy3441d ago

I didnt say anything about the article


Jack-Dangerously3441d ago

Man, I hope that was worth the bubble.


wwm0nkey3441d ago

Got one of these things in the mail because of this E3 thing, people said they where not affiliated with Microsoft....sooooo yeah there is that.

bodybombs3441d ago

i got on too, curious as to what it really is

DeathDefi3441d ago

I heard it's a marketing campaign for gum. No, seriously.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3441d ago

Strange video. Here they come.

femshep3441d ago

doesn't sound anything like halo or even related to any of the devs so no.....but sounds interesting

bodybombs3441d ago

except ilovebees was first advertised in a halo 2 trailer

Mirage7493441d ago

I seriously hope it's not Halo related.