Downloadable Content: Has It Gone Too Far?

TheCrapgamer over at GxC writes: I can remember back when I first heard of downloadable content, it was back when I had the original Knights Of The Old Republic on the original Xbox console. I remember not being quite sure what to make of it. Basically all you got was an added space station where you could purchase some rare items. I didn’t even have a gold membership on Xbox Live at that point. So it was pretty cool to still have the ability to get DLC without needing a gold membership. The content itself was free of charge however, so I was all about getting that extra little bit of content.

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kane_13713443d ago

Many of DLC packs nowadays are just some pieces of the game that are cut out to be sold later.
Just look at AC.
there are very few DLC packs that are what they are supposed to be. I could name Rockstar packs. They are different.
But most of others are just not worth it.
DLCs are the worst kind of ripoff

dangert123443d ago

download content has gone to far
when there's room on a blu ray disc for all the day one dlc youve realised

when i was gaming only one the wii i used to screw that it never really had dlc but when i look at it now it's looky i mean its still normal for wii games to have bonus content after completeting the game having secret levels etc all this stuff from prevous gens and the wii have become dlc this gen its said
you look how this gen and how it started of Liar and heavenly sword were packed with developer video's cheats etc now if you want to unlock anything in the game you have to pay or take the time to unlock it which i don't mind working to unlock myself but making people pay for what they already paid for is wrong

BrutallyBlunt3443d ago

It can go too far but it's also a great tool to use to keep fans of the game interested. All DLC should be based on a per case situation. We also have to account to value based on how often we use it. People who pay $15 for a few maps on Call of Duty may play for hours upon hours while someone else may think their $60 purchase for a game that is less than 20 hours long is worth it to them.

I see DLC as a bridge between one entry of a game to the next installment. If a game takes two years to make on average I see no problem having DLC to tide me over during that time.

creatchee3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

COD and other shooters are different from other games, in that the hardcore fans of the games put a large amount of time into said DLC, where mission-based, single player DLC may be worth one or two playthroughs (exceptions, as always, apply). So the hardcore get their money's worth if they play the maps a lot.

I'm a staunch opponent of on-disc DLC. Similarly, while I understand that DLC development may be concurrent with the actual retail release, when companies just sit on completed content to sell it later, I do feel a sense that I am being gouged a bit. Still, if I feel like I will get a lot of use out of it, I will buy it. However, I don't feel ENTITLED to free DLC like a lot of people do. Companies want to make money and if the demand wasn't there, they'd change their practices.

dredgewalker3443d ago

Yup it's gone too far and some developers aren't gonna stop doing it since there's a lot of gullible consumers out there.

firemassacre3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

we just want the damn game, when i pay 60 bucks for a game, i want exactly that, not pieces. i bet they will even start charging for trophies.

GodsHand3443d ago

They already do, and the people who must have 100% trophy completion will buy it up just to achive that 100%.

Baka-akaB3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

they are probably kicking themselves in the nuts for not thinking of charging for achievements and trophies in the first place ... and making up a story about some extra server cost for them

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Soldierone3443d ago

I knew it would "go to far" the second it started getting popular. We are now at the point of on disc "DLC" and over priced 15 dollar DLC....thats 1/4th of the game for bonus content that isn't nearly as grand as expansions....

However I guess the old saying goes...dont like it? Dont buy it...and thats what I do.

Baka-akaB3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

The dice rolled the moment people accepted early stuff like the infamous oblivion horse texture , and told others "if you dont like it , you can simply not buy it , after all it's an extra!!" .

Giving thus the total and complete licence to publishers to cut off limbs , and decide what's the original content and what's extra .

It's far too late to ask for changes . I no longer give a crap . I buy fighting games chars dlc , and what not for games i care about , and leave the preachy activism to others .

The probable logical next step will be to sell mp and sp separately , and make people believe they are doing a bargain in the process by buying only one of the two .

Hell at first an on the paper it probably will be . Then sp will still get shorter and crappier , with the cost not getting lower for us . Ending up with a game costing more if you buy the two parts , especially along with other dlcs

dredgewalker3443d ago

Yeah, next thing you know they'll be making a game where you'll have to buy the main character!

Soldierone3443d ago

Speaking of fighting games....5 dollars for a Mortal Kombat character? I was so excited and pumped to buy new characters, then i see its 5 bucks for a single character....WTF is that?

On another note DLC will hit a wall. They will raise the price too far, or charge for something entirely stupid, and sales will go down. Fighting games that only have 10 characters and "DLC" within a week adding 20 characters. MP Shooters with only 4 maps, and a map pack of 4 within a month. The greedy devs WILL try it, and learn.

Baka-akaB3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

i'm not so sure .. i see fps like cod ever pushing the limits and not failing thus far .

When people are addicts , you do whatever you want with them ... you dont even need to justify your product , fans will do that job for you fiercely .

Look indeed at the current darling ... MK is as outrageous with its dlc than every other fighting franchise , yet barely anyone complained ... while the mention of it alone for say capcom stuff or even blazblue , set the place ablaze :p

GodsHand3443d ago

Capcom gets a bad rap, because the edvindence points to the DLC already being on the disc. EA is the same, it's already on the disc, but you have to buy a 100kb to unlock it.

Baka-akaB3443d ago

It's not just capcom that got some trashing back then ... every other fighting franchise save mk so far .

The BS Police3443d ago

Yeah the DLC market is oversaturated at this time, granted there is still alot of great DLC being released, but there is even more DLC today that is simply a waste of time and money.

I still think the most fun I ever had with any DLC was the Halo 2 Map Pack back in 2005.

coryok3443d ago

i hate dlc. in the beginning it was alright, developers would sometimes add in new stuff or something and give it to you for free,, but now its out of hand.

its just stupid now, they charge for every little thing in the game. in some games they dont even let you finish the campaign without paying again

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