8 Underrated Games You Haven’t Played (But Should)

Some of the best underrated games you've probably never even heard of. Part 1.

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SlyFoxC3447d ago

didnt read the article but that is Seaman! and i have this game! great great great!

Xelestial3447d ago

Haha, yes it is. I'm surprised anyone knew.

LeftPawedFox3447d ago

I love those games. never played the robot one and only own MANHUNT.

Legion3447d ago

I had this game too. It was fun until you actually realized that the communication was totally random and had no real motivation behing it. Kind of like the virtua pet games of today except less feedback.

My Seamonkey tank had about as much fun in it. Except I didn't have to clean out the tank when Seaman died... the Seamonkeys must have been having an internal battle and knocked each other off every day.

seinfan3446d ago

That picture alone makes me not want to play it.

Morgue3447d ago

Bezerker - Guts Rage or whatever it was called on the Dreamcast was pretty good and what, no Chu Chu Rocket??? Illbleed was fun as well.

Xelestial3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

There's only room for 8 games, so not everything can fit...If I got enough suggestions, I may extend the list. Part 2 is still largely unwritten too. But I'd need some suggestions and comments on you guys' picks and why they should get some attention (i.e. why you like them)

Morgue3447d ago

I was just ranting.

There's so many killer games that have been overlooked because the graphics weren't good or whatever the case may be. Take COLD FEAR for instance on the PS2/Xbox. Completely unknown to most gamers but it was fun and had a pretty good story with bonus unlocks as well.

buckley3447d ago

I'll always have a soft spot for Brutal Legend. Would have gone from great to fantastic if it wasn't for the weird RTS spin towards the end. Really wanted a sequel though, and was disappointed to hear that they're not planning one.

Krimmson3447d ago

Same. I always said to my friends, "If it only wasn't an RTS and just stayed as a Heavy Metal Zelda-esque game, it could have been considered amazing."

In the mean time, enjoy a small tribue from Metalocalypse.

buckley3447d ago

... How did I miss that episode?!

tigertron3447d ago

I'm sure alot of people played Manhunt, so it shouldn't be in the list.

Xelestial3447d ago

It is the most popular game on the list, I will agree with you there.

Wikkid6663447d ago

Seaman actually would probable work really well with Kinect.

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The story is too old to be commented.