OK PS3 fans, this hot deal is for you

CG, "First, the good news: if you’re in need of a PS3 (and who ISN’T) you can get the 160GB Call of Duty: Black Ops bundle for $299 from K-Mart. Oh, “that’s not a deal” you say? Well how about a $50 gift card with your purchase! What’s that? You have A.D.D. and COD:BO will only hold your attention for about 30 minutes before you start itching for a new game? Well how about getting not one, but TWO Greatest Hits titles for FREE with your purchase! Hell yeah!"

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Serjikal_Strike3439d ago

Why the F*** does it have to be bundled with Black ops?

Why not inFAMOUS 2 or Motorstorm Apocalypse?

Hell even a voucher for Fat Princess or FLOWER is 10x better than a Black ops bundle...

ksense3439d ago

you can always sell it and buy the game u want ?

Serjikal_Strike3439d ago

Have a ps3 and Black ops...
I fell for the CoD hype last year and not about to do it again..

its overrated

Rynx3439d ago

Black Ops bundle or not, this is pretty good deal

Blaze9293439d ago

you cant sell bundle games. Don't they always come with that "not for resale" crap ALL over the game? Even on the disc I believe and no UPC.

fuzion17c3439d ago

you could resell on ebay, craigslist, or to a friend.

SilentNegotiator3439d ago

How is this "for" ps3 fans? This is for people who DON'T YET HAVE a ps3.

gta28003439d ago

Too bad I have a PS3 and every single game in this deal...still a sweet deal for those who are ready to hop on the PS3.

pixelsword3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Consumer: "Sweet, I got a PS3!"

(starts itching and sweating from noob-tube-itis) "What's going on?"

(looks at game) "Oh, no: I gots da Blops!"

*throws game at sun*

pixelsword3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

(comment removed due to lack of funding)

showtimefolks3439d ago

plus 50 dollar gift card
plus uncharted 2 GOTY edition plus heavy rain

now that's great great deal for people looking for a new ps3 or just trying to buy an extra one

darksied3439d ago

This is true. You would think that because B.O. has sold so much, it would be worthless right now; that's not true. These types of games retain their value for a long time and only NOW is starting to come down in price.

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Ares843439d ago

I like the zombie mode and the combat training. The story was pretty fun to play too. Why are people jumping on the COD hate bandwagon is beyond me. Online is the same crap since COD4 which is a shame but BO I feel had the most to offer since COD4 as far as content goes. It's easy to pick up and play. Killing zombies will never get old for me.

one2thr3439d ago

Because both Pc and PS3 gamers gotten the worser (I know, not a real word) version of Black Ops and it was the last straw seeing that Activision gotten millions upon millions of dollars and still refuse to release a beta so that they can get there shit straight for there next COD games, and not to mention how awful the online aspect is, I'm not going to lie the idea and features of the games they released are good but they were poorly executed...... There's more bad things that I haven't even mentioned but here are a few that can give you an idea on "Why people are turning against the COD franchise?" Or "Bandwagon" as you mentioned...... That is all

Ares843439d ago

True, but that is one of the reasons I refuse to play COD online. I stopped playing COD online really early in MW2, and haven't played any COD online since. It's full of cheaters and 12year olds. Not for me.

If online shooter than Battlefield Bad Company 2.

despair3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

seems to me everyone is trying to sell as many PS3s before they announce the rumored price drop...good news for us either way.

The Matrix3438d ago

If we were PS3 fans wouldn't we already have these games?

NyGiants73439d ago

Am I the only one who hates getting games that say Greatest hits and it changes the cover...I like all my games to look the same.

Minimox163439d ago

You are no the only one! same here.

The Matrix3438d ago

Same lol. Can't stand seeing the red label on my shelf.

ufo8mycat3439d ago

Man the PS3 cases look sexy.

I must say I much prefer the PS3 logo strip at the top, rather then the old 'PLAYSTATION 3' strip on the side.

vickers5003439d ago

I don't. The old font/design looked awesome, classy and distinguished. The new ones look like ugly generic cheap crap.

pixelsword3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

If YHWH blesses me to get another one and that my old 60Gb remains functional, I'm going to box it up.

Bebedora3439d ago

I agree, the classic 60GB is a slick son-of-a....

Phinatic8u3439d ago

BO blows, bundle with a exclusive sony, not a average FPS.

vince863439d ago

Business 101: Hype=Profit

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