Psone Originals To Give Your Vita Some Retro Style

The Playstation Vita is fortunate enough to release with an entire back catalogue of PSP and Playstation One games for download. So for the gamer who enjoys the occasional retro fix there are plenty of games to get for Vita. If the idea of playing super old games on super new hardware interests you then read on!

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Solidus187-SCMilk3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Aww yeah. When I get a PSV im going to get Resident evil 2 for it. I loved that game so much and lost the leon disk.

I would play it on my ps3 but I know it would look pretty bad on it. Condensing it onto the smaller PSV screen will make it look great tho, so it will be a joy to play if I can remember the controls again.

edit-- below: I would but I dont have a PSP and I am not going to buy one because im going to get a PSV instead. If i really wanted to play it now badly I could put in my ps1 clair disk and play it on my ps3, but I think I can wait till I get a psv.

MattyF3439d ago

Why not get it on the PSP then? You can DL it over PSN and play it on that.

just_looken3439d ago

Just a fyi they already said psp games can be played on vita therefore they must be using the psp ps1 emulator on vita so your ps1 games already avaialable can be played on vita. Just buy re2 now also i played mgs1 on my ps3 and find it better looking running on ps3 than ps1.

fluffydelusions3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

If I purchase a ps1 game for ps3 will it work on psv?

MasterCornholio3439d ago

Im going to download all the Final Fantasies on the Vita day one. And maybe get 2 or 3 launch titles as well. Gotta start saving up.

coryok3439d ago

i was thinking the same thing lol, i went to look at which ps1 classics were on psn and found a few that i thought might be pretty fun but never played before.

im gonna start getting all the ps1 classics i want now so when vita releases i dont end up buying like 20 of them, vita, 2-3 games and a memory stick is already gonna set me back enough haha

Colmshan19903439d ago

You're gonna need a big memory stick.
I have Final Fantasy VII on my PSP, and it is (of course) utterly fantastic, but it takes up a LOT of room.
When you consider that at this stage I think that the only pre-PS2 Final Fantasy games NOT on the PSN are III and V, and they'll probably be released soon, plus the likes of Dissidia, Dissidia 012 Duodecim and Crystal Defenders are there, there is a LOT of Final Fantasy goodness waiting for download.

firemassacre3439d ago

soul reaver would be nice

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The story is too old to be commented.