What Today's Supreme Court Decision Means For Gamers (

Robert Workman's debut blog for discusses what will happen now following the Supreme Court's decision in favor of video gamers.

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INFECTED5033439d ago

Looks like 7 of 9 Supreme Court Justices are gamers!

fatstarr3439d ago

i dont know the full law but i actually agree,

no reason why any kid age 1-15 should be able to buy and or play call of duty, or god of war or gta...etc the parents should be punished the other day i saw some 9 year old picking up some M rated game and his mom buying it for him no questions asked.

just like alcohol and cigarettes kids will find a way to play it thats life but parents should think twice b4 buying some pre teen the next M rated game. just my 2 cents

gamejediben3439d ago

I'm just glad the supreme court smacked down another liberal (Leland Yee) trying to dictate what we can and cannot buy. I love how State Senator Yee is attacking one of the few businesses that is actually growing in this awful economy.

And people say Jack Thompson is an asshole... Jack Thompson has no power. He was disbarred. All he can do is whine and moan. But Leland Yee in a whole other level of dangerous.

If you love this industry, learn who is the real enemy.

a_bro3439d ago

their both assholes and dont understand gaming...

Hicken3439d ago

Traditionally speaking, it's been the conservatives that have pushed for various type of media regulations. Still this isn't a political debate. Get off your high horse and just be glad the decision turned out the way it did.

gamejediben3439d ago

As a strong conservative, I can tell you no conservative wants government telling them to do or not to do anything. Many of my fellow conservatives might not like kids buying violent videogames, but we would never, NEVER want government responsible for that. Parents are responsible for that.

Just telling it like it is.

Ness-Psi3439d ago

in the UK Ed Vaizey who is a conservative stands up for gaming he was looking in to THQ closing their offices in the UK.