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"While this game is my first venture into the mysterious world that is Castlevania, I had high expectations, as I know the franchise has a long lineage and successful history. What unfolded in the twenty hours of gaming I had with the Lords of Shadow, not even I could have foreseen."

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Baron793441d ago

One of my top 3 games from last year, a true classic.

Jack-Dangerously3441d ago

I absolutely agree with that whole comment..

Was so surprised by it. Got it on an impulse. So glad that I did!

LiamIRL823441d ago

It was really good, the music was outstanding too.

Ser3441d ago

Agreed. I also included it in my top 3.

I was really surprised by this one. Can't wait for the sequel!

mrmikew20183441d ago

Did you guys get resurrection? It's worth it?

LiamIRL823441d ago

I haven't bought it yet either, I would like to hear from an N4G'er what it's like

Information Minister3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I got the DLC on the day it was released... Been regretting it ever since. I can assure you that at $10, Resurrection IS NOT worth it. It's extremely short, repetitive and frustrating. And mind you, this is coming from a huge Castlevania:LoS fan, who actually enjoyed Revery despite the mixed reviews.

To put things into perspective, with 3 new levels and a retail price of $8, Revery was already a hard sell. Resurrection has only 2 levels which work basically as an extended boss fight (chase the boss, fight it, chase it again, fight it a little more) and it's more expensive!

Outstanding game, atrocious DLC.

brish3441d ago

Two thumbs up from me. Amazing game.

hazardman3441d ago

I just bought it and the game is awesome. the in game cinematics are great!

kza3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Love this game i need 2 play through it again on hard sometime.

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