Sniper Ghost Warrior Review - Better Than You've Heard

Sniper Ghost Warrior, the highest selling sniper game of all time, is going to be available tomorrow, June 28th, on PlayStation 3. Although the Xbox and PC versions received mediocre reviews on release, the game had several patches and improvements made that addressed many of the critics issues. The PS3 version has exclusive content of its own to boast.

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Mr_Lu_Kim3444d ago

Still one of the crappiest FPS games ever birthed.

morganfell3444d ago

The video review is for the 360 version. You can see it in the controls and on screen buttons. In addition the review says nothing about the changes in the game. I am not saying the game is now going to be great. I am merely mentioning that this isn't a review for the PS3 version and as such is mislabeled and should not have been posted.

DTMBSquid3444d ago

I actually really liked the game.

BX813444d ago

I picked up this game on the 360 and was super let down. I saw a lot of potential for the game though. If they fixed a lot of the problems I think I might pick it up for the PS3.


to arcadey for a sniping experience.