The Five WORST Final Fantasy Games

We take a look at the Final Fantasy franchise and the five worst games it has produced.

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_CoD-Pro_3448d ago

Is this your first blog?

SquareEnixFan3448d ago

I loved FF13 and FF8 is my third favorite Final Fantasy behind 10 and 4. My personal list would just be FF12 five times.

CosmicTraveler3447d ago

Final Fantasy VIII is my second favorite, Its a fantastic game! Final Fantasy XIII was also indeed a good game, you have to play the game not comparing it to the earlier FF's

versusALL3448d ago

This list is stupid, first of all Final Fantasy XII was one of the greatest Final Fantasy's, the story is great, the environment, and while the characters aren't the best it still is a good game. Same goes for Final Fantasy XIII. While I can't say the same for FF's 1 & 3. I would have to agree VIII though, god I hated that.

Daver3448d ago

XII and XIII were the worst. What games did you play? lol

gaden_malak3447d ago

I agree with VersusAll, 12 was awesome. Second favourite behind 7 (with 9 and 8 to follow).

Have 13 but yet to play it.

elbeasto863447d ago

XII and XIII were good games. What the hell made you so jaded?

sobekflakmonkey3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

Final Fantasy's VI, VII, VIII, IX and X were my favorite.

In order, it would be:
1. VII
3. VI
4. IX
5. X

SLLCKGT3448d ago

5? Lol. Theres no such thing as a bad FF, 2 most least liked is X-2 and XIII, but no way 5 FF games.

3448d ago
Da One3447d ago

How bout you play FFI-FFXIII like i'm doing just for the sake of beating them all.....I can tell you, you can pick 5 bad FF's not hard

play FFI and FFII(especially) they didn't age well and FFII sucks plain and simple

nolifeking3447d ago

At least I&II have the excuse of being old as dirt. XIII was just a bore to play, as was X2 and XII.

tablav3447d ago

XIII is the only Final Fantasy I have been unable to complete, but that's because I don't really enjoy the combat system (more of a fan of the old turn-based combat), but I still loved every second of the story and WILL complete it one day when I have the time and patience. I certainly don't think there is a bad FF game though. Everybody just has their own preferred style.

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