Game Podunk | Intervention: Duke Nukem Forever Review

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes, "as expected, people swarmed like locusts when Duke Nukem Forever was released. There have been people lambasting it, people apologizing for it, people deconstructing it, and people actively not giving a crap about it. When it initially came out, I fell into the last category. Having never really bothered with the Duke Nukem series, I didn't really care one way or another when it came out. However, I felt that I had to play the game, because "One could not be a gamer in this world without consuming that and having that experience." After having fought my way through the game, I can safely say that anyone who says that Duke Nukem Forever is part of gaming history is probably right. In much the same way as the Armenian genocide is a part of history, or the way that the Great Irish Famine is part of history, Duke Nukem Forever will probably always be part of gaming history. There are a lot of people to blame, it was probably preventable, and the world would likely be a better place without it. So what's the break-down of the game? Move down to the next section and see."

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dkgshiz3442d ago

I played and finished the game. Still scratching my head how reviewers think it deserves a 3.5/10 or lower?! I mean what makes it that bad? It would have to be a broken ass game that barely made it out of the alpha stage to receive such ass scores.

DOOMZ3442d ago

No sense of humor prudes! 8.0/10