Anonymous: We're picking up from where LulzSec left

Even though LulzSec announced their retirement from hacking, Anonymous aren't done hanging up their boots just yet.

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shades723444d ago

This isn't a surprise. These people are enjoying the exposure they have right now. But it's just a fad at the moment. As long as companies and people act with vigilance and responsibility we'll all pull through this.

curtis_boy3444d ago

These people are annoying.

lil Titan3444d ago

i hope they know they are the most hatted people in the PS3 community. AND STOP PUTTING Guy Fawkes mask every time there is a "anonymous" response what they are doing is in NO WAY noble

MuleKick3444d ago

I wish people would stop posting stories about these nut jobs.
The less exposure the better.

d3nworth13444d ago

I can't understand why people disagree. I mean they are annoying.

hiredhelp3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

lil titan
How. About we shuve a firwork up there a**

NewMonday3444d ago

its the same bunch of hackers who were operating under the LulSec name, who we originally called SonyOps.

they just went back to the mothership for protection.

No Way3443d ago

I agree they are annoying, and all that nonsense.. mainly Lulzsec.
However, Anonymous does do some good deeds, too..
You hafta remember that Anonymous isn't exactly a 'group,' per se.
Some will act on their own, but still represent Anonymous.
The others, though, actually do good things with their skills.

Dee_913443d ago

haha yea right this is just lulzsec posing as anon
what a bunch of fruity fag cakes with pimply faces

lil Titan3443d ago

@No Way WHAT "GOOD" DEEDS? any organization, company, group, hell if the girl scouts took down PSN for over a month is automatically on my shit list and not to throw shots but you didnt name any good deeds. all i know is that they pissed off millions of players when the network went down, now if you mean the free stuff that "Sony" gave anonymous didnt make Sony give anything in fact Sony didnt have to give anything if anyone reads the fine print but im guessing many have been a victim of the HUMANCENTiPAD

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Joe29113444d ago

There is a good reason they have exposure. People may call them immature little script kids. But they have f*cked around with everybody and anybody. They are a force to be reckoned with. It's pretty scary how much control they have, at the moment every company fears them, and still no end in sight.

BlackTar1873444d ago

your wording is all wrong. You like them wish you were feared.

karl3444d ago

i dont know why the disagrees.. hes totally right

yeah.. they are probably fucking nerds with no life that will no doubt die a virgin but

they did spend most of their life to learning their craft ..

they are dangerous.. thats for sure.

Joe29113444d ago

Did what BlackTar said make sense to anyone else? I mean I know my english isn't perfect (I study engineering - I do the mathz) but I don't get what he just said.

shades723444d ago

what he meant to say is "much like them, you wish to be feared".

How he comes to this conclusion is beyond my comprehension.

Gen0ne3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

@joe: shades72 reworded it, but all he needed was a couple of commas and it would've made sense. *You, like them, wish you were feared.*

My job here is done.

Edit: oh yeah, I disagree Joe. They aren't in control and they have no power. Because those in power, allow those who aren't, the illusion of having power. This behavior the the outward expression of feeling powerless and or suppressed. So they're doing what they feel gives them a sense of power within the constructs of their abilities. Unfortunately ,at the expense of everyone else. Sounds kinda like terrorism. But soon the illusion will be met with the crushing reality of the FEDS at their front door. Luck always runs out and then, well... that's a wrap.

Sony3603444d ago

I would really like to see one of these anons confronted by someone they've fucked over.

By that I mean in person, not from safely behind a computer screen.

Joni-Ice3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )


Joe29113443d ago

@ Shades

Thank you for the clarification, and yes that conclusion is beyond my comprehension as well.

@Megatron D

Also thanks, and obviously the disagree button is there for people to disagree with your opinion. I think I could have said what I meant a bit better than I did. I don't agree with hacking, I don't think its smart. I don't know how anyone can catch them, if I did I'm sure I'd have a different opinion. (Feel free to change my opinion, if you know methods of them being caught)

And Finally Joni, I pity you if that is the most constructive thing that could come out of your thick skull.

Gen0ne3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

@Joe: Your level headedness is appreciated. No, I don't know any methods that the FEDS have to catch these guys. Not gonna try to pretend that I do. But, it's the FEDS and they have access to equipment and resources that these guys just don't. I would not be at all surprised if they already kinda know what's up and are trying to get the ring leaders by biding their time. Not trying to change your opinion, for your opinion is simply that. Same as mine. I respectfully disagree. Mostly because these guys are only as powerful as the web allows them to think they are. And yes, luck ALWAYS runs out. This behavior is self destructive and sooner or later, in some form or other, everyone will be held accountable for their actions. And rest assured, a better mousetrap is probably being tested as we speak.

Edit: Your comment for Joni, I'm pressing the agree button for that ;)

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Ocelot5253444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I really don't understand why anon went to the dark side

back in the day they attacked all the evil on this planet(dictatorships, Scientology, republicans, baptists , terrorists , ...)

Something is very wrong, I don't think this is the real anon... but an organization who wants to make us hate anon, wikileaks , ...

Getowned3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

because the dark side is much more fun,and they have cookies!! :D

but we will never know if they are the "real" anon or not because they are anonymous but even them being a fake(if they are)anonymous there kinda still anonymous who knows who is who but i guess that's the point of anonymous..

Joe29113444d ago

You actually could be on to something there; however, I think if someone was impersonating Anon, then the real Anon would come forward and say it wasn't them.

But yes, its funny to see how they have changed.

Ducky3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

They haven't exactly went to the dark side.

AntiSec was an old idea that LulzSec decided to 'bring back', and it's what Anon is continuing.
That, and as pointed out earlier, they aren't any defined group. It's a hive mind.

The only thing that has really changed is that this time around, they have been getting more attention from the gaming community.

OC_MurphysLaw3444d ago

@Ocelot525... Whoa whoa whoa...hold your horses their trigger.

"back in the day they attacked all the evil on this planet(dictatorships, Scientology, republicans, baptists , terrorists , ...) "

I will give you dictatorships and terrorists belonging to "all the evil on this plant" but you can kiss my Republican ass. Baptists evil? and come on.... Scientology is hardly evil, its more like a comic troop that entertains.

gamingdroid3444d ago

"The only thing that has really changed is that this time around, they have been getting more attention from the gaming community."

Well said!

Anonymous activity is nothing different than when people used to have picketing outside businesses preventing customers from entering.

The only real difference is that it happens to affect gaming community's beloved (evil) company that provides a past time as important as food to a lot of people. So the crying is a little louder than usual.

Despite this, it is working exactly the way Anonymous wants it. Companies will think twice before crossing Anonymous (or the people) again....

Kakihara3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

"Despite this, it is working exactly the way Anonymous wants it. Companies will think twice before crossing Anonymous (or the people) again.... "

Do we (the people) get a say in this? Do we the people get to decide who we feel is crossing us and what the best course of retaliation is?? Do we just sit back and let the Imams...sorry, I mean the OTV|||s .... sorry, I mean the glorious leaders decide what's best for us??

Just like every other pathetic band of self appointed rebel kings, these naive cunts are doing nothing but serving their own egos and trying to become the sexy image of some Hollywood rebel they've sucked out of Hollywood's asshole. Fuck them and fuck anyone dumb enough to support them.

NeoTribe3444d ago

Baptist and republicans arent evil u dipshit. Just sayin. Some ofcourse are but please dont state stupid shit as facts.

mynameisEvil3443d ago

You talking about Westboro Baptist Church?

Dude, that isn't a church. It's a cult. I'm a Baptist and you know what? We don't believe God hates gays or any of that crap. We believe God loves everyone. Westboro is just a bunch of friggin' loonies.

And how are Republicans evil? I'm no Republican, but they aren't "evil" by any means.

Example of evil: Casey Anthony.

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xAlmostPro3444d ago

They're doing this because lulzsec was made up of high ranking anon members..



and a couple more

Arksine3444d ago

I wonder if any of these guys have the balls to attack an oil company. Cost them some cash, and they don't screw around.

Solidus187-SCMilk3444d ago

so they are going to finish the job of giving old men handjobs that luzsec began?

ChrisW3444d ago

The only positive thing about Anonymous is that its name isn't as retarded as LulzSec... and that's about it.

Baka-akaB3443d ago

i dunno ... Anon is even more retarded ... it's not even a name .

At least LulzSec was

snaz273443d ago

You know what? The lack of knowledge on this forum is quite honestly astounding! There used to be some good heads around here but it all seems to have fizzled away! Now people just worship their god, be it sony or microsoft, where just like a religion, they will ignore facts and common sense if it isn't in favour of said god! When are you people going to wake up? Just have a poke around on the internet, there is all the information you need! Ok let me ask you all a question, what is your opinion of wiki leaks? Is it bad for the people to know what governments are spending their money on? I mean afterall if it is then obviously what they're doing is bad and not what the public wants! If there is nothing bad then why bother to keep it a secret? Do non of you see that its governments and corporations that are the big threat to us? Anyone that exposes these criminals is top notch in my book!

Whitefox7893443d ago

It just comes down to this and only this, what is morally right? And what is legally right? They are both two completely different things.

No Way3443d ago

Exactly. All the people here see is that they attacked Sony.
They are pissed and angry at all of Anonymous, cause PSn was down.
They don't give a damn about the other things Anonymous has done.
All it is to them is, "Oh, you attacked PSn.. I hope you die, losers!"

Fuckin' hypocrites.

snaz273443d ago

wow wait, what? I didn't get a million disagrees and bubbles removed? Lol, this is what normally happens! Perhaps i was a little hasty! And a couple of comments to show that not all are brainwashed! Thank god for that! I very rarely frequent this place anymore, but thanks guys for showing me some hope! You are both dead right, couldn't have said it any better! Hypocrits.

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Kran3444d ago


Nobody cares about you anymore. In fact, nobody cared about you in the first place. Stop ruining everything for everybody!

MeatAbstract3444d ago

Even though they're both as bad as each other, LulzSec had far more experience and actually hacked into companies. Anon are just a bunch of fat teenagers that company websites. Pathetic.

Takoulya3444d ago

All LulzSec did was DDOS. I'm no expert on this, but apparently it's quite easy for anyone to do.

kaveti66163444d ago

No, LulzSec hacked.

It's Anonymous that is known for DDOSing.

Takoulya3444d ago

Oh, my mistake. Thanks for clearing that up.

Redempteur3444d ago

lol you don't get passwords and logins with "denials of services attacks"

Ducky3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

DDoS is only really useful for taking a site down temporarily.
Although LulzSec did do DDoS attacks (which is indeed quite simple), they also managed to steal databases containing sensitive information from sites, which does require a bit of skill.

Then again, LulzSec weren't any particularly skilled group and their goal wasn't to show their own skill, but rather they wanted to show how weak modern internet security is.
They released stolen info because they wanted to be douchebags, but they could've held on to that info and used it for personal means (and undoubtedly, there probably are hackers that do just that)

If there's any good thing that came out of this, it's that one shouldn't use the same id/password combinations all over the net.

EDIT: Damn ninjas. >.<

Kurt Russell3443d ago

By releasing it, they proved they had it and had done it.

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shades723444d ago

Problem here is a double edged sword in terms of websites reporting about them. On one hand it gives them[hackers] a bigger voice which is a negative, but on the other hand, it raises peoples awareness about online security. There are some people out there that really have no clue, so hopefully they'll wise up a little.