Xbox Brand 'Broader Than It's Ever Been Before'

Xbox continues to expand its offerings to provide much more than video games. With Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, music and more, it's clear that Microsoft is leveraging Xbox Live to cater to a wide audience, and Kinect has only helped bolster Microsoft's efforts in that regard. Speaking to IndustryGamers recently, Xbox COO and CFO Dennis Durkin expanded on the idea that Xbox is now truly a home entertainment brand.

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dangert123444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I think its fun how there console sounds like a death machine and they think they can sell family games on it =')

Dramscus3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

It's broader than ever right now but all their Internet savvy core base (which is a fairly small group tbh) are wailing about lack of fresh games for them.
Their not worth as much money though so the good ship xbox continues to sail into the vast sea of broad user base. Which reads out as young and old and casual. Which is a massive market that will make them more money than we will ever spend.

I think microsoft knows that the real casual players will always go for nintendo because mario is the ultimate in accessible. They know that as far as hardcole console players go those people will go for playstations, don't flame it's true just face it, people that like core exclusives are at sony because thats where they come from.
So microsoft is trying to carve out it's peice in between nintendo and sony.
They want preteens though teens and some of the older adult market. Plus people that like playing video games but aren't rabid about it (You know they'll buy the ones they know about but wouldn't ever end up on a site like this).

Plus their doing a really really good job of courting the indie market with the free kna devkit and the indie marketplace. Sony's devkits are still rather expensive I believe.

lil Titan3444d ago

when a bunch of young spoiled kids are your main customers that will buy almost anything you make under the sun even if the failure rate is above other competitors...i would be "broader" too

ImHereNow3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

a moment of silence for all the people that thought the 360 would die after the launch of the ps3

R.ot I.n P.ieces

maniacmayhem3444d ago

Really, the hardcore will go for Playstation just for "exzclusives"?

So Xbox doesn't have any hardcore eggsclusives? Like Gears, Halo or any good hardcore multiplats like CoD, BF3?

Believe it or not some people are not interested in Sony esssclusives. Just like some hardcore groups are not interested in Mario or Zelda. Don't flame it's true, just face it.

Dramscus3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I did not mean that the xbox has no exclusives. It very obviously has four.

I only meant that it didn't have a steady and constant supply of new core ip. You know new exclusives. Which are quite plentiful for sony.
I know core is a loosely based word and saying core groups aren't as interested in nintedo games is generalising but WHEN YOUR DEALING WITH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE GENERALISATIONS AND AVERAGES IN PERCENTAGES ABOVE SIXTY ARE CONSIDERED ACCURATE. (Caps to add emphasis not anger.).

Arguing the semantics of something is just belligerant. Saying that nintendo isn't strictly casual is stating something obvious about a minority like a minority is a big deal. Minority groups don't have any sway.

Multi platform games don't count because their multi platform which by definition means you can get and enjoy them anywhere. They are a non factor in this discussion.

Why do people always bring that up.

"Believe it or not some people are not interested in Sony esssclusives. "
This just supports my point, people that don't want that variety are will go to where they get what they want.

Some people like to have variety (I personally consider variety to be the spice of life) so they will go to plastation for their fix of quirky games like last guardian and journey, and heavy rain. It's not that those games couldn't potential[y do well on other consoles but that the manufacturer isn't pursuing those gaming opportunities.
Since this is pretty obvious to most people the ones who are interested in that go to where the manufacturer is nterested in those games.

gamingdroid3444d ago

Xbox 360 is having it's year with biggest growth of the three console manufacturers and even outselling the Nintendo Wii for last 12 months on a TTM basis.

That's huge and they haven't even had a price cut yet. Remember last year, when PS3 had a price cut? It propelled it to sell 15 million consoles. What would Xbox 360 do with Kinect, Live TV/DVR and a price cut do?

It was looking slightly bleak last year for MS, but this year is a complete turn around and they are now the shining star....

kaveti66163444d ago

"I personally consider variety to be the spice of life"

This made me laugh. What will your book of quotes tell you to personally consider tomorrow?

TheDivine3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

The 360 has tons of games exclusive, multiplat, and arcade. Kinect has made it appealing to non gamers. Xbl is the best service out there, yes it costs but it is the best community and features. This is why they said it. I agree the 360 needs more games, but it needs sequals. The 360 acually has more games as the ps3 and twice the arcade and indie games. Thing is we never got sequals to...
Alan wake
Divinity 2
too human
perfect dark
project sylpheed
banjo kazooie
Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery
Magna Carta 2
halo wars
viva pinata (3 i mean)
Jade empire/kotor
Metro 2033/risen/prey sequal is multi
+ many more
The 360 has a HUGE cataloug of games but ms rarely greenligts a sequal unless it sells halo numbers. Ms needs to build on its ip's. They have a bunch of exclusives coming but most are for kinect. I admit 3 or 4 look dope but i want more sequals to great games like jrpgs exc. They seem to not understand it takes time to build great franchises. Imagine if sony gave up on uncharted after drakes fortune or nintendo gave up pikimin or somehing.

Dramscus3444d ago

See that's an impressive list of games. Like you say they just don't green light most of them into a franchise. Even after that these games presumably don't get nearly the amount of marketing the main franchises get. Which would explain my not having heard of most of them.
Though there were a few I played on the computer, which in my books discounts something as an exclusive. Exclusive means one console, or console branch (Under one company).
Unless you consider windows as a game platform comparable to consoles.
An argument which has points but I'm not going to comment on right now as I am undecided and not a windows users myself. I can play most windows games on my linux machine without too much problem.

Redgehammer3444d ago

Saying the Xbox is only for kids is like saying the PS3 is only for middle aged people that solely buy Blu-Ray, absurd!

maniacmayhem3444d ago


The problem i have is you state "dont flame its true"

No it's not true, it's your opinion, not fact.
The 360 has just as much variety and quirky games as the ps3 to say otherwise is plain non sense and just ignorant.

Multiplats do count because they make up 90 to 95% of the software line up of both 360 and ps3.

Bottom line is this, GET OFF THE "EXCLUSIVE" BUZZ WORD TRAIN that n4g is riding.

Back in the days it was sega's blast processing, then came "teh cell", then triple A was the buzzword now its EXCLUSIVES.

MS is not carving out anything they got their piece. If anything they want a piece of that nintendo casual pie.

Mr_Lu_Kim3444d ago


Agreed with every word %100, you have so much moire logic that 99.99% of N4G users, here's hoping you bubble count makes it through.

+ bub on all 3.

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XRider3444d ago Show
hudsoniscool3444d ago

i have both a ps3 and an 360. Yes the 360 is loud but its not that bad. i dont notice it but that could be because i play games/watch movies pritty load. My ps3 is so loud that i cant even watch movies on it, it sounds like one of those big fans that is on high seriously. the heavy fan in it is always on, im pritty sure theres something wrong with it.

Mr_Lu_Kim3444d ago

Must be broken, PS3's especially the slim models are not loud at all.

hudsoniscool3444d ago

ya i figured it is because its so loud i cant take it. If every ps3 was like that there would be so much hate for ps3.

kookie3444d ago

I dont need espn, i need more software like exclusive.

user8586213444d ago

yes screw multiplatform games all we care about are teh exclusivez!!!


Why o why3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Both please


no /s needed

On the topic i think MS is trying to be a media hub. Its doing well enough apart from the lack of an obvious media type but that being said its still a very connected device. An internet browser would increase its appeal. Anything better than the ps3's browser would be celebrated like the browser had just been invented but i somehow doubt MS would allow that. There could be a whole heap of reasons why they wouldnt/wont/cant but one thing i know is that with a good enough browser paid extras like facebook and twitter become pointless unless you have to be gold to browse of course.

edit, whas up. Both exclusives AND multiplatform games are important, dont mug yourself off

Zynga3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

@why o why

The 360 doesn't need a browser and its been doing fine without it. So your point is irrelevant.

firemassacre3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )


yea more features are for suckers, screw free online, bluray, 3d, exclusives, great hardware, wifi, batterie free controllers, the highest rated hd console exclusive of all time, screw that! because that does not matter /S

captain-obvious3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

this is some funny BS
when this gen started 360 fanboys were all about exclusives since 360 was full of them
and PS3 where hanging on to multiplats
and even with that they get rubbed in their faces due to bad ports

now the ps3 is getting better ports than before AND more exclusives than 360
360 fanboys are now just OK with multiplats


goes to show you that fanboys are nothing but hypocrite 13 years old
that cant afford to buy more than one platform and they are butthurt about it

Why o why3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

@ zynga

Nobody said needed but since you ran with that i'd say neither is hdmi or rumble. The 360's the only device this gen that doesnt have one and ive stated one of the reasons why ms probably chose not to release one for the 360. A browser can only enhance the device its added to and thats what i was being told when facebook and twitter were added to gold....were they 'needed' my friend. *sigh*

@ captain o. Its true and kinda sad. It used to be all about the exclusives. I know both matter but once again the goalposts get shifted and somehow wanting and having more games to play is a negative.. ... Got it!

DigitalRaptor3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I'm tired of this talk that PS3 never used to have exclusives. That is the biggest load of tosh... There's been a steady lineup of great PS3 exclusives each year since launch:

2007: MotorStorm, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Warhawk, Folklore, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction

2008: MGS4, LittleBigPlanet, Siren Blood Curse, Valkyria Chronicles, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2

2009: Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time, Uncharted 2, WipEout HD, inFamous, Killzone 2

2010: GoW III, Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Game Heroes, MAG, Yakuza 3, ModNation Racers, GT5

and so on... PS3 was hardly hanging on to multiplats at any point.

So "hypocrites"? Most people in this world are hypocrites, but based on your example, not PS3 fanboys.

jimbone793443d ago

@ captain-obvious

You say "goes to show you that fanboys are nothing but hypocrite 13 years old
that cant afford to buy more than one platform and they are butthurt about it
How in the world can you call anyone a "butthurt 13 year old" with a comment like this? YOU talk about being a hypocrite? LOL. This comment could be used as the definition of hypocritical, and I know a few 13 year olds that are much more mature than this. You are going on and crying about what Xbox fanboys said years ago. How can you not see how childish, and hypocritical you are with this comment? I also wanted to touch on one more point. You say that people who “cant afford to buy more than one platform”, are butthurt, but I have never seen a comment from you that would lead me to believe you have a 360? Are you one of the people you were referring to? You do sound really butthurt, that’s for sure. Maybe you can ask your mommy to save up and buy you one so you don’t have to come on N4G and bring up fanboy wars and their quotes from 3 years ago. It might make your butt feel better.

What a joke.

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LOGICWINS3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

You should write Dennis Durkin a letter. It's not like this is the type of person that looks on N4G for suggestions on improving the 360.

If your that passionate on getting more core software on the 360, then do something that may actually get your voice heard. Ranting on N4G won't help your cause.

jidery3444d ago

Microsoft, learn from your operating system. Don't limit us to apps, give users Internet Explorer and they will have virtually what ever app they want.

DragonKnight3444d ago

Xbox: The brand with no identity of its own because it tries to be everyone.

LOGICWINS3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

"Xbox: The brand with no identity of its own because it tries to be everyone."

The original Xbox pioneered a robust online gaming suite on consoles and popularized online gaming with Halo like NO other console game before it...and u say it has no identity of its own? U sound ridiculous.

DragonKnight3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

We're talking about the brand, not a specific console. Look at the Xbox brand as it stands now and tell me that it doesn't try to be what everyone else is.

By the way, it's "you" not "u."

IRetrouk3444d ago

actualy it was the dreamcast that popularized online play on consoles, soul caliber was one of the games, along with chu chu rocket and phantasy star online.

kaveti66163444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

tries to be like everyone else?

The 360 launched with achievements as a standard. Sony copied the idea and came up with trophies.

If Sony wasn't trying to be like Microsoft as that point, then the 360 would have the unique identity of having an achievement system.

Microsoft had Netflix before Sony did. Sony adopted that too.

The 360 was more of a media hub in many ways than the PS3 was.

In game custom music is another 360 standard. On PS3, custom music is seen as a bonus.

Microsoft did a lot of things right with the 360, but almost everything that MS did right, Sony was sure to copy.

This isn't to say that Microsoft doesn't copy Sony. My main claim is that neither Sony or Microsoft set out to create a unique identity for themselves. In their attempts to one-up each other, both companies have made consoles that are essentially the same.

Sony has barely realized this in the last year and has made the intelligent choice to fall back on something that Microsoft doesn't have: studios.

But Microsoft had to fall back on something that Sony doesn't have in order to compensate, and that has been marketing. In North America, video games and Xbox are thought of in the same breath.

It's no longer, "Turn off the playstation and do your homework." It's "Turn off the Xbox" or "Wanna play 360?"

DragonKnight3444d ago

@kaveti: Again, we're talking about a BRAND not a CONSOLE. Geez, is it that hard of a concept to disucss? But let's bring up those "features" you talked about. If you'd paid any attention during the PS3's launch window, you'd have seen that all of those features that Sony added were demanded by the fans. Everyone wanted "achievements" on the PS3, everyone wanted in-game music and even though it was really difficult for Sony to find a way to implement it, they did for the fans. Netflix isn't even relevant considering Sony is a multimedia company and could have easily done WITHOUT Netflix, and they did do without until Netflix approached them.

You want to talk identity, here we go. Let's look at the gaming industry as the political scene. Nintendo is the far left that includes wacky gimmicks and family oriented gaming as their main drive. That's their identity, and it always has been. On the right is Sony, whose main focus has been the core gamer and giving them the gaming experiences they want, and including as an option other ways of enjoying that experience. Microsoft is in neither corner, following whatever trend comes along and placing all focus on that specific trend until it proves to be a bad idea and then they move on to some other trend.

They tried being the core gamer fave, but failed to live up to Sony's exclusive standards, that's why they had to pay out millions to try and take exclusives away, but they've pretty much given up on that now that they've focused on Nintendo's area, motion gaming. Too bad they're too little too late as Nintendo already took the biggest chunk of that market and Microsoft now looks foolish to be focusing so much on Kinect. But Sony and Nintendo are still focusing on their own respective areas of expertise pretty well.

Microsoft is a follower, not a leader. They should stick to the Windows OS because that's the only area they do reasonably well in.

Why o why3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Wrong kaviet, sony tries to set itself apart with the taboo term called 'exclusives' Downplay em all you want. Both copied the other, correct but you cant copy gears, you cant copy uncharted, you cant copy halo, you cant copy gow.....thing is sony and nintendos list just go on...its those franchises that seperate them from each other. Theyre not falling back on their studios, theyre doing what they have tried to do all gen and thats enhance its own identity with old ips and new ones on top of the many multis. From the one away exclusives to the fanchise types its what they've been doing and what ms were doing a few years back more consistantly...not so much now but relying on 3rd party multis keeps many happy, yourself included it seems. Im not so passive. I just want more choices, call me unreasonable if you have to and then ask yourself why....because i want more unique and varied experiences..please

@ digital raptor way above************************* **********

Captain was calling out those that used to scream the ps3 had 'no games'. Of course it had games and you could line up any one of those years lineups against the past few years of the 360 s lineup and take the mick IF you enjoyed most of thise games. People have changed their tunes now...he was just highlighting that. Both sides have hypocrites in em....i know ive talked my fair share of crap over the years even though i own em all so im not going on all perfect,, fcuk no but saying you like or want exclusives is like a thorn in peoples sides nowadays when back when the 360 had more of them it was all the rage.

LOGICWINS3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

"actualy it was the dreamcast that popularized online play on consoles, soul caliber was one of the games, along with chu chu rocket and phantasy star online."

KEYWORD: "ROBUST" The Dreamcast's online suite was bare-bones compared to that of the Xbox's. And were there any online games on the Dreamcast that have reached the popularity of Halo? I rest my case.

kingdoms3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Microsoft designed the dreamcast operating system. The dreamcast was co designed with Microsoft. Sega's system software was a modified Windows app Sega appointed Microsoft with.

These ps fans need to take a dam break its getting worse be the day. Sony will have their chance next generation. Dam

Mr_Lu_Kim3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

@ DragonKnight

You are %100 correct my friend.

Don't worry about the troll babies hitting disagree, fanboys don't type they just click and your truth hit a nerve with them :-)

+ bubs


@ maniacmayhem

Let me summarize for you.

PS3 is not a brand it's a SONY product, SONY being the BRAND. Under the SONY brand we find Consoles, internet TV's, DVD/Bluray players, Tablet PC's, Cameras, Car Audio, Stereos and home theatre systems, music/movie publishing. SONY is a high end electronics products brand that has an establoshed base in console gaming and a big player in the music industry.

Xbox is not a brand it's a CONSOLE, MICROSOFT Being the brand. under the MICROSOFT brand we find operating systems, office software, smart phones, internet and email services, Direct X, educational products. MICROSOFT has mainly been a software developer company only dabbling in console gaming for a few years now and nowhere near as long as SONY or others like SEGA or NINTENDO. They haven't failed as such but are a very reactive not proactive player in the gaming market.

Wii/Wii U/DS etc. are CONSOLES/PRODUCTS, NINTENDO is the brand. Under the NINTENDO brand we find Consoles, motion gaming devices, hand held gaming devices, movies, kids toys and most of all MARIO. Nintendo has been around forever and has out lived even SEGA in the consoles market. NINTENDO have been the truest gaming COMPANY or BRAND that has ever existed.

Does it make more sense now? Microsoft = Brand, XBOX = Product

You sound butt hurt by the why - bubs

IRetrouk3444d ago

im not just a sony fan i own all 3 consoles but i just tell the truth, yes micro helped with the dreamcast os,


i wasnt saying anything about popularity, i was just pointing out that the first console to relly do online play was the dreamcast thats all.

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falout3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

wtf! sony didnt take online serious till this gen, now why do you think that is?

leme guess cause of the dreamcast, right?! lol

DragonKnight3444d ago

Nope. It wasn't because of Xbox either. It was because of demand.

And it's pretty sad how 2 people now define a brand by the inclusion of online gaming. So I guess that's all it takes to make your name in this industry eh? Have online gaming?

falout3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

So I see dragon... It just pains you say that the xbox was the first CONSOLE to TRULLY full fill that demand.

Online isn't what defines a brand but it sure helps when it's second to no other online play on consoles. If you still don't know what live offers other then the number one online play service, then I'm sorry but the only sad person here is you.

I don't know what land you live on, I'll take a wild guess and assume Sony land. ms also has great games if you don't know them shame on you. The day you realize that Sony has more devs than nin and ms combined will be the day you realize both sides weaknesses. Ms may not be putting as many core games as Sony but that's not to say that the games that will be coming out won't be great.

You just sound like a bitter gamer. While I buy many games as it is I would not be able to keep with Sony ms and nin if they all started to put out the same amount of games every year. I'm happy with the pace just the way it is, I guess it good to have both brands.

DragonKnight3444d ago

Wow, fanboy much? Could MS's flaccid member be further up your anal cavity? Probably not.

air13444d ago

dragon did you forget about your 4.1.4 post?? That really didn't scream Sony whore?

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maniacmayhem3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )


i dont understand what you mean by "xbox brand not console" the xbox is the console its not the company.

So what's the PS3 brand? Answer that? Are you saying MS has not satisfied its core base of users? Or they haven't satisfied you?

You say sony gave user's achievements because fans demanded it. Why do you think they demanded it, it's because 360 had it and it enhanced the gamer experience. sony fans demanded in game music because the 360 was already doing it and they saw it was a great feature to have.

sony doesn't follow trends? so a direct and blatent rip off of the Wii controller with Move isn't trend following? not to mention all the Wii ports its getting?

"bu bu but its true 1:1 motion!!!"...yea sure, okay.

Kinect sold millions, record breaking sales. MS is trying to support the millions of people who bought it with software. Which is more than what sony is doing with their Move. if you don't like kinect that's your deal, i don't like it either but I'm not going to hate on it.

Xbox has just as much identity as the next console. They may not have started a lot of things but they sure as hell made some things better. And that goes for sony, sega and nintendo.

Leave it to an xbox article praising the system to bring out the sony brigade. Its like troll food to you guys.
And seriously with all due respect to the sony brigade, you guys really needs to kick this Dragon Knight guy out cause everything he said in those posts was utter nonsense and total hilarity. A rare treat indeed.

Morbius4203444d ago

kaveti6616 that'll teach you about using logic on this site. for having such a 'better' console the ps3 fanboys are always so defensive. everytime i think about buying a ps3 the jackass comments on here turn me off on the idea. maybe a lot of ppl agree with me and that's why sony is in last place.

jimbone793443d ago

Dude don't let these stupid Sony droids turn you off from the PS3. On this site I am a MS fanboy, even though I own every platform you can, and like them all. I probably own more PS3 games than most the hardcore PS3 fanboys on this site, but because I don't suck the Sony corporate c$#k I'm a xbot. The PS3 is an awesome console. It has some of the best games this gen, and any GAMER should get one if/when they get the chance. The people on this site do not represent the majority of PS3 gamers. Hell out of the 12-15 PS3 owners I know in the real world maybe 4 (including me) own or have played UC 2, and only 2 of them have GOW. I don’t know any of them that have played KZ 2 or 3. Most of them are all about Call of Duty and games like that. In the REAL WORLD that’s just how it is. People don’t act like they do on here for the most part, so don’t let these clowns detour you from playing some really great games. If you do get one I also should warn you to keep you own expectation when you get these games. From the way they hyped them on here I thought that UC 1&2, KZ 2&3, and the other PS3 exclusives were just going to be on a different level. They are not. Don’t get me wrong there are some truly great games on the console, and they do look better than most on the 360, but it’s not as big a gap as some of these people would lead you to believe. They are just games, nothing more. So don’t go in thinking you are about to ascend to the “next level of gaming” when you put in UC2. LOL, again it looks great, and GOW 3 is nothing short of amazing, but they’re not 100x better than what you know. They are just GREAT games made by great developer, that IMHO you shouldn’t miss because of a few clowns on a web site.

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slate913444d ago

I just don't understand the concept of multiplats being inferior to exclusives. They are turning their attention to the casual market but I wouldn't sleep on them yet as far as exclusives go.

But Im an easy gamer anyways, throw me a Halo or Gears and Ill play their multiplayer for years until the next one comes out. :p

And @Drams, I see where you are coming from with the casual and hardcore market. But I still feel that the Xbox has an huge hardcore crowd and is on par with Sony's. I can't think of any game that has seen more tournaments than Halo or Gears of War.

slate913443d ago

Eh yeah, I've tried forza and then sold it. Then I gave sims another chance with GT5, and then ended up selling that. So Im not too fond of simulators.