Another Reason GTA V to be Set in L.A?

Would it be possible for Rockstar to reuse the historically accurate map of 1940s L.A. from L.A Noire to aid the development of GTA V? Does this further the rumours that GTA V will be set in the City of Angels? Read on for more.

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_EvilMonkey_3441d ago

Not 1940's but a modern L.A sounds good. Make the story epic and bring everything that made GTA fun.

ATiElite3441d ago

GTAIII - Liberty City
Vice City
San Andreas

so it will be

GTAIV - Liberty City
Vice City 2
San Andreas 2

GTAIV had many Vice City references plus a few hints pointed towards Vice City

koh3441d ago

1 repeat does not a pattern make. It is possible, yes, but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. Maybe they will revisit London or Anywhere, USA from GTA 2? haha

DaTruth3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

If they do Vice City, they should have the Glades this time! They also should have gators in there and the game needs dogs, police dogs, guard dogs and even seeing-eye dogs, just put in some damn dogs already!

And bring out the damn game already; it shouldn't be 4 years between GTA games with crappy DLC filling the void.(the DLC may not have been crappy, but last gen we got whole new cities every year, not new stories in the same city we know like the back of our hand)

How about GTA:GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Base jumping off the CN tower into the Skydome FTW!

lazertroy3441d ago

Lets just wait and see. The more we rush it the longer it will take.

topgun333441d ago

i would love for them to set it in Vice City. Grand theft auto IV was a brand new story set in Liberty city, so if you follow the same logic V should be set in Vice, and VI in San andreas. Plus i would love for the company to release a HD collection of the Grand Theft auto trilogy. With the enormous success of the God of War collections, Sly cooper, and now recently announced Silent Hill and Metal Gear, who would not want to revisit these Ps2 classics with sharper Hd graphics, until the Part V comes out.

TheEatingVodka3441d ago

You should work as an advertiser

maxcavsm3441d ago

I was under the impression everyone knew this already? Gues not? Las ...something or other.

topgun333441d ago

There was no confirmation from Rockstar so everything as far as the city is speculation. i was hoping for an announcement at e3, but I guess they will make the big reveal down the line.