Caught in the COG: Can Violent Video Games Tell a Story Too? || Guerrilla Geek

Guerrilla Geek's Joey he asks if you can develop plot in between cub stomps as he takes a look at how the violence in the Gears of War affects the overall ability for the franchise to tell a story.

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Dramscus3444d ago

Kind of a rambling article. Not bad though.

OT: Yes they can though I think the violence should not be the core gameplay feature or it becomes boring.

Say do like a monster movie style thing.
A game where about a werewolf.
Your in your village when the wolf starts attacking. Bites someone close to the character to start the game.
Your equipped at various times with a torch a knife an axe and your fists. The werewolf controls regular wolves and sends them at you at points throughout the game. Not constantly, just enough to keep things exciting, like boss fights when you get to close to it.
Each time you fight the wolves it's exceedingly gruesome and realistic. Your axe splits flesh and splatters blood realistically. Proper gore that acts as a deterrent to wanting to kill. A holy crap thats visceral and gory kind of thing.
At the end corner the werewolf at your own house. You chase it inside to discover it turning back into it's human form. It's your wife pleading with you to forgive her and spare her life. Promising to leave and never return. You slowly approach before axing her down, chopping too many times in anguish. Mangling the body in the most horrible fashion.
The intent would be to make the player want to stop the game in horror.

See right there telling a story with violence. Just use it to add to the story instead of using violence as the story.

Violence isn't a good story. Hence why nearly every action movie every has an element of romance.

crwatkins3444d ago

Great point about comparing violence in games to violence in movies.

I think you really need to hit a good balance of plot, action and style when it comes to games. LA Noire had a lot of plot and style, but in my opinion the repetitive nature of the gameplay will keep it from being a game of the year contender.

Where as all the hundreds of generic action games I've played have slipped so far from my mind that I can't think of a good example. Often times they kind of pull an Arnold and all melt together into one giant game filled with blood and gore.

You should bring the discussion to Guerrilla Geek. I'm sure Joey would love to discuss all this with you :)

omi25p3444d ago

I hope it has a good story but i dont expect one.

GunofthePatriots3444d ago

GOW just doesnt have a great story

blackburn103444d ago

You see that is the problem with games where violence is the main point of the game. You see it is hard for the character to show any other emotions when he is killing millions of people or creatures in destructive ways. In Gears they constantly chainsaw the creatures heads, stomp on them, shoot them and blow them up. Then they start crying about their love ones or trying to make jokes then go right back to the killing they were doing.

You see it what you do when your not killing that counts.If you show cut scenes that fail to show off any other side of you besides the brutish monster you are acting like then how can I believe that these people are family men or compassionate in any way.I mean please, was anyone convinced by those attempts at drama in the cut scenes. It's like a criminal chopping a man to pieces in front of me while trying to explain to me that it's not his fault he is a killer.That is what made Prototype so stupid.He was murdering people and I was supposed to feel sorry for him because he was just trying to get his memory back.

If you look at God of War Kratos was a Spartan. Like Conan you could excuse his behavior because you already know their barbaric, so you could still tell a story just like the Romans and Greeks did with people like Heracles. But you have modern soldiers ripping away at living things and tearing their heads off and I am supposed to believe that you are really a nice guy who is married and has a child and is compassionate? The shooting I understand but the curb stomping and the head sawing? That's why these attempts at stories fall short.

femshep3444d ago

They can if handled well and with good writers behind it, in the case of Gears of War no becuase the story is god aweful and Unreal Games seems to have 3 year old writers after playing through GOW1,2, bulletstorm, and that sad sad excuse the called an Unreal Tournament

where say Dante's inferno had a great story (due to the fact it was based on a great poem trilogy) hope they make the other two