Guitar Hero III Downloadable Content Leaked

Someone got their hands on the songs early... a forum poster at has noticed that there are some songs on the Xbox Live Leaderboards that aren't in the game. Read on!

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orange144057d ago

Has anyone seen these on the leaderboard?

xplosneer4057d ago

The morello battle already out?

orange144057d ago

It looks like it... have you seen for yourself?

xplosneer4057d ago

Confirmed* My PS3 version has it. Just beat it on hard mode actually.

Adamalicious4057d ago


Tom Morello Guitar Battle
Slash Guitar Battle
The Devil Went Down to Georgia

are all in the game already.

"Slither" is in the commercial so we know it's coming.

Spartan154057d ago

You can't play the battle as a song for like scoring i believe.

PANDADjCK4057d ago

Oh Shi* look like where getting Slither soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.