Call of Duty will still be King of the Mountain when it comes to sales in 2012

No matter how good Battlefield 3 is, it still won’t outsell Modern Warfare 3 in 2012.

Love it or hate it, the Call of Duty name is still going to be the King of the Mountain when it comes to gaming sales in 2012. And no matter how good EA’s upcoming Battlefield 3 is, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will still outsell it in droves.

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Solidus187-SCMilk3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

someone should tell the author of this article that we are in the year 2011, not 2012.

but I agree that the sales of BF3 wont even be close to COD sales. I have friends IRL that only play COD and the only game they will buy all year is the next COD.

I will probably pick up BF3 if I upgrade my PC, otherwise I will pass on both games. FPS are my favorite, but im sick of "warfare", modern, future or even past. I never thought the day would come when it would be refreshing to see another great WW2 shooter, but now im just sick of modern warfare FPS, they all look and play too much alike.

erasure2423448d ago

The games come out the last few months of 2011 so I think the author is implying 2012 sales totals(fiscal year).

curtis_boy3448d ago

I wish you all gamed on pc's it would be so fun and epic! lol I love my ps3 but PC is the definitive choice for BF3

All a pc needs is a decent graphics card a good processor and a 500w+ power supply and your good to go!
Any computer running vista or windows 7 supports dx11 and should have at least 4 - 8 gb of ram.

You can use ps3 and 360 controllers!
I dont use kb + m either I use the ps3 controller

this is the best guide to show you pc gaming is not expensive

fatstarr3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

yes man pc gaming is cheap. especially if you already have a tower if you cant play the game you just do some upgrades. but almost every game can be played on low, i popped out my old 8400gt and it plays all of today's games.

and you can play it on your tv just like you would a console.

MysticStrummer3448d ago

It doesn't matter what year it is, Call of Duty will win the sales war because it's easier to play.

saladthieves3448d ago

There's something that needs to be considered here. Last year, Activision had all the consumer base to themselves. EA and Dice were present with a game (Medal of Honor) that was set to counter Activision's Call of Duty release. This didn't work out in terms of sales.

This year shit is DIFFERENT. Battlefield is looking huge, and I mean HUGE! People have played it and without doubt they have declared it a worthy contender. It is a significant upgrade; and it's looking to get better and better before release. On the side of sales, Activision has been doing very well with their games, but when it comes to QUALITY, something that the end customer will care about, they just fail.

Exhibit A: People were not happy about Call of Duty Black Ops issues present on all platforms, especially the PS3 and PC versions. The overall quality of the game was worse than its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2. They are using the same game engine that dates to 2007 which shows that they are not doing any significant improvements.

The quality bar dropped low after the original Modern Warfare. Like I said, this year it's different. Battlefield 3 is there, and hopefully people will realize that it's a better game and will end up playing it. Which brings me to 2 realizations:

1) There is a slim chance that MW3's sales could be lower than Black Ops' sales due to Activision's recent bad performance in the quality department and also due to the fact that people have another excellent choice: Battlefield 3.

2) There is a larger chance that MW3's sales will be higher than Black Ops's sales. Their base grows bigger every year, despite the same game releases. With the addition of Elite people might get attracted even more.

We have to wait and see. Oh, we're also not in 2012 YET.

homer3447d ago

This post is great and all, but....
Modern Warfare 3 is currently tracking above Black Ops preorders (in the Americas) on both platforms, and I doubt it is tracking below it anywhere else other than maybe Japan. Battlefield 3 will be amazing, and I bet it will be better than MW3, but they cater to two different demographics that rarely intertwine so the possibilities you mentioned are not likely at all.

DeadlyFire3447d ago

Battlefield 3 will last longer. Typically its been at least 3-5 years before a new one comes out and its always surpassed the last one. 3rd one looks to top all competitive FPS Genre.

Modern Warfare 3 will be boring after 3 months.

matey3447d ago

Since Valve said WiiU is alot more powerful than ps3 and that WiiU fits better with there PC work makes me want BF3 WiiU as it will crush MW3 to pieces end of 60fps/DX10.1/DX11 yes please.

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XSquareCircle3448d ago

Sales mean nothing when the Battlefield series is still king of the modern FPS shooters in my opinion. Kids will flock to Call of Duty, in which I say good riddance. Equip your microphones this November and I'll see you on the Battlefield. :-D

Warprincess1163448d ago

Oh yeah because only immature kids play COD. COD is a popular for a reason. The sooner you battlefield fanboys realize that. The quicker this COD VS Battlefield debate will end.

Liquid_Ocelot3448d ago

Naw, not only immature kids. But also immature grown-ups.
And a few players here and there that aren't all that immature of course.
About the ''war" between this two(BF vs CoD), naw I doubt it'll end.

Ps: it's ironic that you defend the CoD community by calling the BF community "fanboys".

Biggest3448d ago

There is a reason. It's easy as hell. Call of Duty is a throwback arcade shooter.

WetN00dle693448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Im planning on getting both BUT ill make sure to stay away from MW3 online. For some reason EA has always had better servers for online gaming. For the most part its always been lag free. Wish i could say the same about the Activision servers.

erasure2423448d ago

The first week of Battlefield 3 will most likely be bad online. This ALWAYS happens with dedicated server game releases. Not just EA. It also happened with HomeFront.

WetN00dle693448d ago

That is true. Brinks servers were UGLY the first 2 weeks as well. Here is hoping that isnt the case with Battlefield 3 though.

joydestroy3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

yes, last time i checked, sales never equaled quality...
BF3 could flop in terms of sales but it will still be the best first person combat shooter in 2011, in my opinion

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Alos883448d ago

I don't really care about sales; whether the games are good or not is all that matters to me. I don't care much for the COD franchise, but if the game is well made then I'll play it.

Hufandpuf3448d ago

I'm not worried about sales at all, and never have been. I just want the BF franchise to get the respect it deserves.

KillerPwned3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

The only people that should care about sales is the people making the money from selling the game. Us the consumers we should not give a damn about the sales. Just how the product shapes up to us since it is our money going to the people making this game. They are the ones that truly care about the sales.

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