Lack of Creativity in Gaming?

GP blogger, FontaineFuturistics writes, "as we all know creating a game is not easy. The amount of time and effort (and not to mention money) that goes into a single project is insane. Especially with the current generation of technology where developers can push the boundaries in terms of gameplay and story telling, consumers expect an awesome, fun, and innovative experience. After all, if we're shelling out $60 per game, it's only fair, right? I never thought about creativity in the gaming industry until I came across this pic from describing E3 a couple weeks ago."

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XSquareCircle3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

No. Lack of Role-playing games without so much of this linear bull$hit and with a less than decent story is what is killing this gen. PS1-PS2 still are the best platforms for games :) hehe

EDIT: Expect to see A LOT of RPGs next-gen as many companies will have perfected their next engine for games(See: Square Enix which just finished their Crystal Tools engine not to long ago for their Final Fantasy games)

Dramscus3441d ago

I think their totally missing thousands of opportunities with first person gaming.

Relegating nearly all games in the first person perspective into the fps genre really limits those games to stories that can be told behind a gun.

Why not a knife, or an axe. A torch or lighter. Anything. Make some fp horror games, where your chasing and being chased by monsters.

Imagine something in the mirrors edge engine except your being hunted by a warewolf or swamp thing or something. Or hunting vampires. That would be totally awesome. A fp platforming game where you hunt vampires through the night to track them to their lairs and kill them sleeping.

Good thing I'm working to become a game developer. I'll add that last one to my list.