Top Ten Developers of All Time - #1 Nintendo

Shrooms, peaches, toads, and pipes. Is Ripten high, or is Nintendo just the top developer of all time?

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Bonsai12144866d ago

no surprise. <3 super metroid and Link to the past.

though i'm surprised that SCE got shafted out of a place. same with blizzard.

vgn244866d ago

Too bad this moron of a writer put SEGA at #9. Apparently he needs to do some more research. Nintendo is the only one he got right.

Top 5 Should be:


This guy apparently didn't look at the last 30 years.

Nostradavis4866d ago

Thanks for your opinion. We all have one, however you seem to think that yours is Gospel. Come on man, have some fun with it -- life is short, enjoy it.

ruibing4866d ago

Wow look at all the tags on this article...

DeckUKold4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

Where is Sony?

Edit: SMB sold more than 40 million copies GODDAMN and luigis mansion was good he's buggin

Xi4866d ago

all sony has really done is made 2 wildly popular consoles, but they haven't touched the industry in the same way that nintendo has, sega, or even microsoft(pc).

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The story is too old to be commented.