NGB: Why I Love... Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The first time you snipe a chopper pilot and watch as the bird comes crashing back to earth is near orgasmic, and it remains that way the next 10 or 20 times you do it. The same goes for bringing one down using a well placed rocket, placing the killer charge on the tank that’s been causing chaos, finally sticking a knife into the sniper that’s nailed you three times in a row, pulling a down a building that the other team is set up in, or sticking a grenade under a medic that’s just revived someone and taking both your opponents out. Please, stop me if you’ve seen this all in Black Ops (there was always going to be at least two comparisons in here somewhere).

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LOGICWINS4243d ago

Yeah, its a great game. I enjoyed it for about a year until I sold it towards MK9. I got frustrated with noobs who played the game like it was COD.

Hanif-8764243d ago

BC2 is my favorite FPS and i know that BF3 will be leaps and folds over the sheer fun that i'm having with BC2. Therefore, 10/25 will be like winning the lotto for me :-)

FunAndGun4243d ago

Great game with an amazing expansion pack; Vietnam. I think I put more hours into Vietnam than I did the original game.

SageHonor4243d ago

This is the only online multiplayer game I consistently enjoy. Its all about skill and the fact that I have about 2 dozen friends who still play this makes it even more fun when I do rush mode.

solar4243d ago

i put about 750 hours into BC2. fantastic game. after a while i was using only the smoke launcher to get kills. and boy was that a blast getting called a hacker with some of the amazing shots i had. memories!!!!

T-K47x4243d ago

The game is awesome but its lacking players at times and Vietnam is really empty which is a shame as it was one the best DLC's ever released, they should have prehaps made it like 1943 so that you don't need BFBC2 as it might have generated more players.

RockmanII74243d ago

Why's the thumbnail Battlefield 3 when he talks about BFBC2?

NGB4243d ago

Apologies, don't know why it added that image. Should have been the one on the article. You get the drift though, he love Bad Company 2!

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