Top 50 games & series with best experience I've ever had [Venox2008]

The title speaks for itself.. It's not just an my opinion to a games that I love, it's an info to gamers too, who didn't play some of the titles..there are trailers too :) I hope that you'll
find something for you :)

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Venoxn4g4240d ago

please drop in comment sometime :D

Venoxn4g4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

sorry for double post if it won't open, wait a little or reload.. :)

Hassassin4240d ago

that actually helped :)

Simco8764240d ago

I am glad you're giving your opinion on these games... but I disagree with most of them on your list.

SotC should be top 10 (IMO)

I_am_Batman4240d ago

Wow that's an interessting Top 50. I see you've made your gaming experience. First I thought that the top ten will be filled by CoD and GTA (or other Rockstar games) but that right here is a totally other cup of tea.

Hassassin4240d ago

Interesting list, but I think many of those are just to small to be compared to some of the big games (frachises) in the top 20's...

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