Why Suda 51's latest trip is a giant mistake

VGW: There is a poignant, almost beautiful moment in Grasshopper Manufacture’s Shadows of the Damned. Demon hunter Garcia Hotspur happens across a giant storybook; a fable of an upcoming boss’s human existence. Garcia, fresh from splattering buckets of demon blood across the soil outside, reads it aloud, soft-spoken and almost cautious. He struggles to pronounce larger words like “meandered” and “triumphant,” taking time to sound them out. On the next page he is utterly amused with words like “snort,” chuckling to himself and repeating the word again under his breath to see if it has the same comedic value. Here is a man who has seen his girlfriend ripped away from him by the underworld, and forced to watch as she is tortured and dies a dozen brutal deaths. A man enraged by the events that have unfolded in front of him; yet the developers take a rare moment to show us his softer, more vulnerable side in a stroke of very skilful storytelling.

It’s too bad, then, that the above mom...

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Venox20083442d ago

it's a great game! not a mistake..

xer03442d ago

Sorry, I have to agree with VGW.

I could tell this game was going to be crap by the trailers and gameplay footage.

The story is weak.
It's Linear.
The graphics look standard.
The gameplay is of a standard level to.

It's a rental at best.

reznik_zerosum3442d ago

games used to be funny and not military propaganda shit like cod

smashman983442d ago

"Sorry, I have to agree with VGW.

I could tell this game was going to be crap by the trailers and gameplay footage. "

Or in other words "I haven't played it."

morganfell3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

This stands as one of the most banal and dense reviews I have read in recent times. By this...person' this person's reasoning, GTA is nothing more than assaulting prostitutes.

I find it ironic that the individual that would accuse a game of having no depth is in fact the one whose review defines the phrase, "shallow as a kiddie pool". The fact that he is so focused on the great irreverent humor is also a testament to the obvious that he apparently played only a few minutes of the title. Otherwise he would have experienced a game that offers so much more than that on which wasted an entire writeup...and our time.

I would like to know under what abysmal rock the writer has been living. Even the Pope knows this game is full of a certain type of humor and you know what mr. wannabe writer? It is hilarious. I do not know what things are like where he lives, in the Hall of Boredom located deep within the bowels of Castle Prude. Sad I guess. But people I know, even those that consider themselves a bit high brow could not keep from busting with laughter over this great mashup of Tarantino/Rodriguez meets Friday the 13th.

One of the game's characters to whom we are introduced early on is One Eyed Willy. His actions, which signal various save points throughout the game, define perfectly the worth of this article. On a scale of 1 to 5 clicks, this waste of your time rates a 0.

killyourfm3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )'s not a review :-)

smashman983442d ago

"'s not a review :-) "

oh i see what u did there...

its not a review...
cuz its a waste of your time

nice setup dude

LoaMcLoa3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

The game rocks IMO!

I'd just like a little longer adventure and a mercenaries-like mode, then I wouldn't have any complains.

GusBricker3442d ago

I for one, loved it.

Garcia and Johnson reading the stories and commenting as they went along was hilarious.

Plus, the gameplay was fun and most importantly challenging at times. Figuring out how to kill certain enemies and bosses using light and darkness was interesting and well used concept.

Alos883442d ago

You make it sound like it was nothing but dick jokes and sex references, you basically glazed over the gameplay entirely to make a point about it being too immature.
I'm sorry, but if this was intended as a review it wasn't a very good one.

killyourfm3442d ago

note the "opinion" piece tag and lack of review score...

smashman983442d ago

well we should also note the u should skip this game which is something u usually hear in a review

Highatus3442d ago

By knowing that the game is full of dick humor, and you are offended and embarrassed by it why play it?

Yes it won't be for everyone, however knowing Suda 51 and Shinji Mikami and your a fan you'll know it will be fun regardless.

I'm finding the game pretty damn fun so far, a dark comedy full of dick jokes!

Ps. Let's go Vanquish 2!!

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