Do you love your Nintendo 3DS? Do you hate dropping $40 on games for it?

Conflicting Gamers-"Well now you can pad your 3DS game library with some cheap games! There’s nothing jaw-dropping here (no, Zelda is not on this list). But with 9 to choose from in total, you can pick up these select titles for only $15.99 each! (a $24 savings!)

And be sure to flood the comments section with how you’d rather wait for the Vita (like anyone cares)."

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FNAG3439d ago

@gunshoteddy (who reported this submission)

So post the full link and show us where it is then? We are NOT TRU affiliates. The burden of proof is on you, the accuser. We've posted numerous TRU deals and never made a dime on any of them! We post deals cuz our readers EXPECT us too, and we like sharing!

And what rule is there against such links anyway? You wanna use your affiliate link, is that it? Then submit a deal to us! We don't discriminate (as long as it's LEGIT).

We have deals submitted to us by readers and commercial contacts almost DAILY (this one came to us via a Facebook follower and was confirmed by CAG, so we ran the link they sent us). You think we're gonna screen the tip to keep someone from making 30 cents off our backs? We're not that petty. Wish we could say the same for you.

coryok3439d ago

dang 3ds games cost $40? seems a little expensive for the type of games that you get