Zelda: Ocarina of Time originally had Ganon’s Castle as the only area in the game

Miyamoto reveals that he originally thought of just including Ganon's Castle as the only setting in Ocarina of Time. Ganon’s Castle would have acted like a hub, just like Peach’s Castle in Super Mario 64.

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Lylat_643441d ago

Glad they changed it, wouldn't have had the same effect it had if it was all just in his castle. I love roaming around Hyrule.

ChickeyCantor3441d ago

like miyamoto says, it would still be a "world" just inside a castle with different illusions basically. He is talking about an ocean in a castle...XD

Hurikan3441d ago

Wow, this would have been Zeldavania. It might not have been as good, but I would have loved it anyway.

GunofthePatriots3441d ago

I would actually like to see something like this one day. Sounds cool.

Whitefox7893441d ago

Sounds like Castlevania or Super Mario 64. The bottom line is Ocarina of Time is and is still an amazing feat of a game.