The Eve Online Player Overreaction

Since last Thursday MMOCrunch has been covering the reaction of Eve Online players to the leaked internal newsletter and CCP’s response to it. Over the weekend, on Saturday, a second internal email was leaked with CCP’s internal response to the whole fiasco.

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LeftPawedFox3440d ago

Can anyone tell me what this means?

LeftPawedFox3440d ago

can you walk around in eve?

coryok3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

a little bit, not much, you mostly (almost exclusively) fly around in one of your ships.

though there are pictures of your character that other people can see. i suspect most people turn the pictures off though, theyre too big and take up a lot of the chat box space. i know i have the pictures turned off. i wouldnt even know if someone else had bought any of these items lol.

i havnt even opened the item shop, i dont really see any reason to, i dont want to spend 20$ on something thats gonna make a character i barely see look cool

DirtyLary3440d ago

Just in the new captains quarters. Picture barbie dress up coming to eve.

But it's not optimized or has a mem leak. Crashes for a ton of people regardless their video card and pc.

LeftPawedFox3440d ago

can u make a person in dust?

T3MPL3TON 3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I like how we're just expected to roll over and except being screwed over. They got hacked during the whole hack blitz and didn't even tell anyone I had to find out through N4G that my account could have been compromised and then they throw in cash shops with absurd prices for purely cosmetic items. I don't f*ckin' think so.

"We've sold 52 monocles"

You know who wheres a monocle sometimes?