Metal Gear: Where Do We Go From Here?

The Metal Gear franchise is without doubt one of the most iconic and individual in the history of gaming. From it's very first iteration on the MSX2, Metal Gear has contained a kind of atmosphere and tone that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Outlandish characters and incredibly intricate and ludicrous story lines are staples of a series that has done incredibly well, with it selling over 25 million copies worldwide. This makes it one of the most successful of all time, but the duration of development and its costs have increased dramatically, with MGS4 costing an estimated 70 million dollars and taking about 4 years to complete. Granted, MGS4 sold over 4 million copies, but it left the series at a crossroad.

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Nate-Dog3440d ago

After MGS4 I thought it was highly unlikely that it would happen, but I dearly hoped that if Kojima wouldn't move away from MGS and try something different that we would get a new MGS series (or a new MG series if you will since people always seem to think the "S" in MGS is just for Solid Snake). New characters, a new story, a new world, even just new characters and a new story in the same world just somewhere else unrelated to the series we have already seen. Even now I really doubt it'll ever happen but I'd like to see it if MGS simply has to continue. One thing that needs to stop is the terrible and pointless sequels. Portable Ops was a chore of a game to play through with barely any significance on the story, and don't even get me started on how stupid Peace Walker was in regards to the MGS plot and how terrible and forgettable a cast it had (I mean really Kojima? He said it was supposed to show us the creation of and use of Outer Heaven but all it showed was at best the moment before MSF turned into Outer Heaven and still didn't make clear a number of things such as why Miller eventually turned his back on Big Boss eventually, yeah it was hinted at but this was supposed to tie up BB's story but no, Kojima has to tease us and give us next to nothing just so he can eke out another title).

Excuse the rant. Tl;dr: I'd like to see a new story with new characters if MGS/MG has to continue, but just stop with the prequels, the current series was supposed to finish with MGS4 and while it still left a few issues regarding minor plot details the prequels are just pointless at this stage.

versusALL3439d ago

I would really like it if Kojima did something else you know, its not that I don't the series but enough is enough, it just seems to me he's milking the franchise now. I would either want him to do another ZOE or just do something new for once this gen.

Max_Dissatisfaction3439d ago

There is only multiplatformness