RoboAwesome's Dungeon Siege III (PS3) | Review

"It’s pretty obvious that Dungeons and Dragons has had a HUGE impact on video games, especially western RPGs. The Dungeon Siege series is no stranger to that D&D feel and the third one does not disappoint. It has everything you’d want in a hack and slash dungeon crawler."

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Moduserous3440d ago

I'm pretty curious about this game.

Desert Turtle3440d ago

I thought it was fun, was sort of like Samurai Warriors fused with Neverwinter Nights.

RoboRyan3440d ago

I started playing the demo for this but found myself getting frustrated with it quickly. Since it looks like there's enough positives, maybe I'll chalk my initial apathy up to needing more time with the game and give it another shot.

RoboSpiff3440d ago

yeah, it takes a bit of time to get into it, but then its a hoot. especially with a couch buddy.

AronDeppert3440d ago

This game looks pretty sweet, but I never played any of the other ones.

vvstebb093440d ago

If it allowed you to bring your character into another persons game online then I would of probably gotten this. Considering the reason I was getting the game was so me and a friend could play together. The fact that you just play as the host characters was a deal breaker for me.