Assassin's Creed - Ultimate Weapon: Short Film Winner

Kotaku reports:
"Well what do you know? A video game inspired short-film contest actually spawns something wroth watching? Back in June, Ubisoft and IFC announced just such a contest, challenging independent filmmakers to create a short film inspired by the video game Assassin's Creed. Now the two companies are proud to announce the winner of the contest, who walks away with $10,000, an Xbox 360, a copy of Assassin's Creed, and the inclusion of his film in the Limited Edition version of the game.

Greg Reid created his entry, entitled 'The Ultimate Weapon', for only $800, with but a day of fight choreography, a day of shooting, and one week of post. The result is a damn fine short film, with exciting action, a lovely dose of wit, and even a special surprise twist at the end. It's a piece of film making so well-done that I might have to switch my preorder on the game to the Limited Edition for a chance to see it on the bigger screen. Hit the link below to check it out! "

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MK_Red4867d ago

Wow, I've got to admit that's the best fan film I'd ever seen. It's better than some hollywood actions! Really, the fight scenes were better and more fun in this superb video than the Jet Li starring War and some other actions.

Bravo to whoever made it. Assassin's Creed FTW!

dachiefsman4867d ago

not to shabby....I like the drawings the best though....