A dumb way to die in Halo 3

One moment you're walking, the other you're dead. WTF what killed me so instantly?

Normally you wouldn't know in most games. But this is Halo 3, so you have the ability to play back, switch camera positions and check from every angle of the level... You'll be surprised who or WHAT was the killer...

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UnblessedSoul4869d ago

Lol agreed but there are alot of stupid people on xbox live :(

dachiefsman4869d ago

Well evidently you haven't played outside the realm of Xbox Live, cause just like in society idiots roam in other online game realms as well.

bluebrad19744869d ago

why a SPG member is even posting in this story.

Skizelli4868d ago

There's stupid people on PSN as well. What's your point?

Play B3yond4868d ago

People on PSN are alot more mature from what ive heard about xbox live. Only seen 1 @$$hole on PSN.
(lol i wonder how many xbots r gonna disagree, ignore, and take away my bubbles...might break a record)

Ugly American4868d ago

There are the SAME amount of immature jerks on the PSN that are on XBL. The only difference is that the amount of people with headsets on PSN is less. When they have them AND are talking, it is obvious they are the same kind of people. Since the 360 COMES with a headset and PS3 owners(such as myself) have to go out and purchase a USB headset or a Bluetooth headset. Thus the perceived difference.

If it makes you feel better, I won't click your disagree button or try and take the precious bubbles.

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Bonsai12144869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Mart, its pretty sad that you're linking to your own website to garner hits rather than to the original site. not to mention this is hardly news worth. i can post countless videos of people doing stupid things on counter strike and dying. i can picture the influx of videos, "omg, i was walled to death at tunnels on d2"

even though it was pretty random and funny

KillJoi994869d ago

I'm actually a Journalist and news worthy is defined by many things, one of them being human interest. I would consider this interesting.

DeadIIIRed4868d ago

Do you work for Fox News?

PlayStation3604869d ago

(as M. Night Shyamalan)...... What a Twist!

(Teary eyed) Man that was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

ben8064869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

meh, in the strictest sense not news i think its funny though. its not like n4g is spammed by halo kill videos or anything. chill out sony fans