Nintendo to comment on missing Japanese Wii games on IGN today

IGN’s executive Nintendo editor Rich George has revealed on his Twitter account that a more proper response regarding the lack of Japanese Wii games will be posted on their website today.

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firefoxprime3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

This is it folks. End GAME. Dunno about you kids, but I AM PSYCHED!

I don't own a Wii(for obvious reasons), but these 3 games(XenoBlade/Pandora's Tower/The Last Story) plus No More Heroes, Sonic Colours, Conduit 2, Red Steel 2, and Mad World are good enough reasons to shell out $150. Of course, I'd just buy Wii U(IF...its under $400)

Gotta love that backwards combatability.

jacksonmichael3439d ago

Obvious reasons...? Afraid people will judge you...?

firefoxprime3439d ago

Heh. People will judge you regardless of which system you own. So no. I'm not "afraid".

If you wanna live your life worrying about human opinion, more power to you.

Lylat_643440d ago

Hope if they get a NA release, that they will come out in Europe not long after.

Cheeseknight283440d ago

Xenoblade and Last Story are already slated for European release so they should arrive before they do in America. Nintendo France confirmed Last Story for EU not too long ago.

Yi-Long3440d ago

... but I hope they don't make the usual screw-up by leaving out the original language.

There's an audience for these games, but usually that audience is also big into anime and such, and thus they want the option to play in the original language, instead of with a mediocre dub.

I know I'm not touching any dub-only games.

Lavalamp3440d ago


Since Xenoblade's European version is gettin' some subbin' love, I'm confident a North American version would get the same treatment.

Lylat_643440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )


Oh cool thanks for that, I'm kinda used to stuff coming out in the NA and never Europe like the original Xeno and other RPG's.. so thought the same was going to be for these :P

jc485733440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

it better not be a half ass response.

"No plans at the moment."

SovereignSnaKe3440d ago

-Excellent, but what if Nintendo comes out and says: "You May Pick Only ONE!, NOW KNEEL!!" :D

AWBrawler3440d ago

What the hell kind of dominatrix Nintendo fetishes do you have, dude? Lol

SovereignSnaKe3440d ago

-i always envision Nintendo's Corporate Heads like some kind of Illuminati Style Cult!! LOL :D -and i was thinking about that movie "300" for some Reason

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