Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 HD Screens, Sneak-peak at HD Collection

Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection is coming to PS3 this September and now you can get a glimpse at what the two games will look like in glorious HD.

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Surfaced3440d ago

Probably not a good idea to generate excitement for something like this. PS3 won't be rendering them at 1080p, and won't have 8xMSAA with 16xAF.

This is setting expectations too high.

godsinhisheaven3440d ago

It's not about mindblowing graphics, it's about reliving the experience.

Surfaced3440d ago

I agree. But if you look at the original post from the NeoGAF source, the author says "Hopefully the HD collections will look as good, if not better."

I mean, I hate to burst his bubble, but it probably won't look like this.

karl3440d ago

fake or not

the first 3 silent hill never needed to look like crysis to be better than most of today's games

im sure whatever they improve will add to the experience though

jeeves863439d ago

Don't give The Examiner hits - they're fake pictures, images from the PC edition of the games. Misleading title.

DigitalRaptor3440d ago

This is so misleading.

I hope they look as good as that though.

the_best_player3440d ago

picrures are fake (shows PC pictures)

Alos883440d ago

Article is misleading, this is just the PC version with a HD patch.

Mr Tretton3440d ago

I can understand the intent of this article, but it's still misleading and not a real story.

C'mon approvers, this site has really been filled with junk lately.

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