Duke Nukem Forever Hits Macs this August

RespawnAction: "Gearbox Software announced today that Aspry Media "has been recruited" to bring Duke Nukem Forever to Macs this August"

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JsonHenry3085d ago

A group of people that are used to buying over-hyped, over-priced, and lame products would make the perfect demographic for purchasing this game!

JsonHenry3085d ago


Not in the least. I just like to rip on apple fans. :)

Mr_Lu_Kim3085d ago


Pop bubble.

"You mad" people are morons, say something constructive or GFTO!

curtis_boy3085d ago

shall recieve a bubble and an agree

Fel083085d ago

Somebody can't afford a MAC???

ChrisGTR13084d ago

buying a mac is like buying bose sterio. they have you tricked into thinking its the pinnacle of electronics when in reality their just effing you with gimped /overpriced crap. apple is notorious for leaving features out on purpose to charge for them later with the new hardware. aka multitasking, 3g/4g ,change backgrounds on iphone, push notifications ect. hell the ipad didnt even have multitasking until ipad 2. oh yea what about the cameras i bet that must have been hard to implement in the first design. anyone who buys apple products is a moron.

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Der_Kommandant3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I'm a Graphic Designer and i buy over-hyped, over-priced, and lame products.

Rambot3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I doubt it. This is the only thing PC's are good at; gaming and that's about it.

Awookie3085d ago


Try programming on a mac

Mr_Lu_Kim3085d ago

Try PC's are good at everything including gaming and programming.

Macfags are like holocaust deniers. They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about and just ending up spewing their PC hate speech.

ChrisGTR13084d ago

thats odd, why would you use a mac for graphic design. pc has better software, plus 10x faster processors than those dual core 2.0s in most macs.

Rambot3084d ago

[quote]why would you use a mac for graphic design[/quote] Ask any design agency that uses one.

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koh3085d ago

Another platform I can not play this travesty on!

xchris92x3085d ago

I thought Macs could not get viruses!! lol

Chnswdchldrn3085d ago

Mac users avoid this dam game like the plague. I typically don't get along with Mac people cuz im a PC person myself, but I MUST warn you about this abomination of a game

Morbius4203084d ago

i wish i could hit agree 1000x because no one deserves to suffer through duke nukem forever with the possible exception of osama bin ladin and adolph hitler playing multiplayer in hell.

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