5 Bargain Bin Games That Should Keep You Busy Over the Summer

With the summer lacking in major releases, gamers will need to find games to keep them busy until the season ends. Here are five bargain bin games that can keep them busy while the weather is hot

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Gamehard4717d ago

Pretty decent list. Vanquish and Darksiders have been in my library since release. But seriously, there aren't any good new games during the summer? Infamous 2, Shadows of the Damned, Dungeon Siege 3, Deus Ex etc etc... this summer has been pretty damn decent for games imo.

optimus4717d ago

Um, those games were released before summer and they are not bargain bin games as he's pointing out...personally I would have listed fallout 3 as you can find it now for about 12 bucks and it Could easily take you all summer to finish.

spektical4717d ago

new vegas as well.. but its hard to play as it freezes a lot.

might check out darksiders.. i played brutal legend and i couldnt stand it.

Dramscus4717d ago

I cant stand jagk black and so avoided the game.

BeOneWithTheGun4717d ago

@Spek and Dram...Brutal Legend was an abortion. This, coming from a die hard 80's metal fanatic. Super Mario Brother's graphics aside, Black's performance is cringe worthy to say the least. the controls are clunky and it is one to avoid at all costs.

Soldierone4716d ago (Edited 4716d ago )

What? lol InFamous, Duke Nukem, and Alice 2 all came out in June. Schools let out in early May here (summer) and the "official" day of summer is just BS. Fear 3, Dungeon Siege 3 Deus Ex are all coming out after that or just recently....

Personally Alice 2 is a great buy if you can afford a full game, Im enjoying it and its lasted me a while so far. As for the list, Vanquish is cool but it isn't going to last you very long lol. Darksiders was decent, and the others were okay at best.

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Darkfiber4716d ago

You just answered your own question. No, there aren't any good games this summer. Deus Ex is my last hope but I'm really not sure about it from things I have seen lately. Dungeon Siege 3 was fun but not amazing, and it's so linear and short it's definitely not going to last you the summer.

bebojet4716d ago

Agreed, I'm having a tough time keeping up with all the new releases.

Ness-Psi4717d ago

I'm playing Darksiders (PC) now and its awesome I highly recommend it.

frelyler4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

Did anyone else catch the sentence at the end that said "It's unfortunate that there aren't any new games to look forward to in the summer" Ah. Witcher 2, Infamous2, Deus ex, and several other awesome or sure to be awesome games say hello. How can an article about gaming get on this site if the author of the article has no f&*%^$ng clue what video games even are? In the authors bio it says he likes to play his PS3 in his spare time, so that qualifies him to write about it. WTF? It also says he plays a little guitar, does that now qualify him to critique Jimmy Page? How has society become so incredibly dumb?

ReservoirDog3164717d ago

Summer started officially June 21. Those games were all released technically before summer.

So there technically isn't many great games coming out in the summer.

Which is why I got gamefly for 2 months to play a few of these kinda games for only $17. It's not a bad idea really. You can get that deal if someone recommends you to gamely. PM me if you want anymore details.

BeOneWithTheGun4716d ago

Reservoir, Gamefly is a win all the time. I have been a member for 2 years and get 10% off all purchases. When a game comes out that I know I want (Infamous 2, batman, etc) it is available to me for $44.00. I get the case and booklet, too. Ships the Monday before release so I have it Wednesday.

But the real sell is all those "maybe" games or the ones that have no replay. LA Noire, Darksiders, etc. I pay 22 bucks a month and have 2 games out at all times (one for my 360 and one for my ps3.

I cannot afford to purchase new games for 60 bucks all the time. Gamestop rapes you on trade-in and I am not one of those guys who holds onto a collection for years. Save, the Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Uncharted, I beat a game and have no need for it. Gamefly is awesome.

jidery4716d ago

You can't afford $60 games but you can afford $22 a month or better yet $264 a year for games you don't even own?

EazyC4717d ago

To anyone reading this:

If you haven't yet got Red Dead Redemption do so now. It's very easy to find under at least $20/£15/€20, and is so much game for the money.

Also, read that sentance again, but replace RDR with Fallout 3!

Theres my 2 recommendations, anyway!

jony_dols4717d ago

RDR & Fallout 3 are up there as two of the most popular titles this gen. The purpose of this list, is to get people to play slightly more obscure games, experiences that people might have missed out on upon their original release.

RDR & FO3 are still great games though, (and anyone who still haven't played them are really missing out.)

jetlian4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

most people consider june through august summer. infamous 2, shadow and deus aren't big players. Also these games aren't fps or online heavy

deus is coming late august peeps will be going back to school