GamePro: Enough Is Enough: Too Many Game Consoles

Videogame publishers used to have it right, particularly Sony. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 each had one hardware SKU (stock keeping unit, lingo for "model"), and both dominated the console hardware market for years.

Now the PS3 is on its fourth version after barely a year on the market. The Xbox 360 also released its fourth version (five, if you count the limited edition Halo 3 model) since its introduction into the video-game marketplace two years ago. Enough is enough, already!

Nintendo seems to get it. The Wii is leading the videogame hardware market with one console SKU: when you buy a Wii, you buy a Wii, period. Consumers understand the Wii, and more importantly, so do parents and older adults, two groups that are propelling Nintendo's explosive growth in the casual games market.

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ENNO4864d ago

I dont see how this is a bad thing?if your not happy with no back compat than get a 60 gb..if you dont care save yourself a 100 quid and get a 40gb,if you dont need a HDD get an arcade 360 if your a hardcore gamer get one with a HDD...if anything it benefits the consumer,the only one i havent seen take this trend is nintendo with the Wii,and they dont have to with the profits they make!

unrealchris4864d ago

ohhhhhhh i wonder what they are going to do about it

mighty_douche4864d ago

its becoming like football, changing your kit every 6 months. they know that some customers who already own their product will buy another. i find M$ very bad for this as they've offer slight 'upgrades' with each new SKU (hdmi, bigger HD etc), but we all know M$ likes their $$$, where as generally sonys product has lessened in hardware to try and reach a lower price point.

they both need to deside which sells best and stick to that.

BloodySinner4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

Sony's product has "lessened" because they were forced to bring it down. Not because they wanted to do the consumer a favor. That's just my view. =/

mighty_douche4864d ago

thats what im saying, they were trying to lower the price to shift more units.

BrianC62344864d ago

Yeah, right. Like you can buy a Wii. Nintendo refuses to make enough Wiis so you can even buy one. I don't think they exist actually. I've never seen one. I think it's just a myth.

Vojkan4864d ago

GamePRO:"Ahhh, there are six consoles on market (Wii, DS,PSP,360,PS2, PS3) ahhhhh.....our retarded brain cant handle that high number!!! 6!!!!""

Rooftrellen4863d ago

By brain can't handle all the different PS3's that have been out, let alone all the 360's!

Change this, tweek that..I don't know what's what.

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The story is too old to be commented.