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With games like Chase Me, and Shield Post, along with a scribbler tablet style game using the new controller, most of the games on display for launch appear to be at that E for Everyone level. So a kid console it is, but we are also able to get a sneak peek at a more mature level game in our footage. Check out the full story and leave comments on our page for chances to win Wii U stuff from GameGuideDog!

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ismejks3440d ago

after watched chase mii gameplay i was getting some interested on Wii u

gameguidedog3440d ago

The coolest part of the controller was to scanning left and right to view parts of the screen you cannot see on the tv... but this is just a cool way of viewing instead of 3D view with a stick IMHO... still pretty cool, maybe more practical than the Kinect style controlling... innovative nonetheless.

SpaceSquirrel3440d ago

Very neat stuff. I hope they can get the new Smash Bros. out soon.

SugarSoSweet3439d ago

If the graphics ecplise the 360 and PS3 i'll buy it

Seferoth753439d ago

lol Someones not that knowledgable when it comes to tech in the past few years. Nothing will "Eclipse" the 360 or PS3 at this point.

Even though the difference in graphics between Toy Story and Toy story 2 are immense most people couldnt tell the difference.

We are not in the first or second gen of gaming so those types of leaps in graphics are not going to happen again.

It will be superior and most likely do games at true 1080p 60fps but it will not exclipse any console just like the PS4 and 720 will not "eclipse" the PC or Wii U

Droid Control3439d ago

If there is no 720 next year, I'll buy the Wii U.