New Need for Speed 3x larger than any predecessor

TVGB: "Expect to get 3x the mileage out of this year’s Need for Speed: The Run than any other game in the series before it; the fall-bound title has tripled the amount of tarmac compared to its predecessors."

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Quagmire3447d ago

Im all for the story elements they;re incorporating in the game, however the cinematic gameplay and heavy rain-inspired quicktime events has me concerned about the overall racing aspect.

When I think NFS, i think exotic fast cars drifting and NOS-ing downtown at night time. Not running, punching and fighting.

lzim3447d ago

indeed, even Sains Row 3 is looking like a better driving game.

lzim3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

mileage then to make up for the shallowness of the experience?

really hoping it is a kick ass experience [more than we've seen so far] the whole way through to encourage a buy before having to return it to the video store. or perhaps a compelling demo...


:( they even SAY High Stakes.. that's depressing because they could have just made High Stakes 2 with a proper career mode that wasn't focused on story, or went hand in hand with a story... pity

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