PSP Dual Packs: 2 Games for $15

Summertime means you might not always be able to stay inside with your console, but PlayStation is bringing some portable fun in the form of some old console favorites in their new $15 "Dual Packs". The packs feature some PSP greatest hits and are hitting retail shelves this week.

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Cwalk8163447d ago

With Vita on the way I guess it would be the time to roll out the deals.

flipmop443447d ago

That's a pretty cool deal.

coryok3447d ago

i hope a few third parties like SE or xseed jump on to doing this and put out some double packs of their games

would be pretty cool to see jeanne d'arc mixed in with something else also

i dont have a psp anymore, but this is a pretty good deal, i would buy a few of them from psn for when vita releases