Toci: There is no Tales of Vesperia exclusivity contract

Gema: "Namco Europe Junior Community Manager Charlotte Toci has retracted her statement from April, where she claimed a Microsoft exclusivity contract was preventing Tales of Vesperia from seeing a PlayStation 3 release in the west. Her statement, issued on Facebook, apologies for wrongly “sharing a false information to fans.”"

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Cloudberry3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Vesperia PS3 could still come in English then, right?


Infernostew3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

EU or NA or both. Doesn't matter as long as I can play it in English. This has not been good press for Namco so they better do the right thing... Mook.

Godmars2903442d ago

More like Namco/Bandai just proved that they're being douches for not releasing the game on the PS3 in the West after all this time.

Though if the game did actually sell better than on the 360 after all this time I really think that they would be more embarrassed over that than MS.

jc485733442d ago

fuck this b*tch. I bought 360 just because of this false information. i am going to contact Namco for this.

Cheeseknight283442d ago

It has to suck being a Tales fan. My brother is a huge one, and thank God we have every console. Namco has never been consistent with the franchise, which is really frustrating.

GC: Symphonia
PS2: Abyss
Wii: Symphonia 2, Graces
360: Vesperia
PS3: Graces F, Xillia
PSP: Tales of the World

They will not pick a platform and stick with it. It's no wonder it doesn't sell as good as they'd like.

jc485733442d ago

Went through a whole of trouble getting a 360 yesterday. Namco owes me an apology.

Optical_Matrix3442d ago

This is their prioblem, and I've said it for years. A niche game like Tales needs a single platform to develop on first, before they start mixing and matching systems. How on earth are you gonna spend a whole generation releasing a game on PS2 then do a complete 180 and release the new one on 360 next gen, then release the next 2 on Wii and PS3.

SaiyanFury3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Namco WAS consistent with a platform, from the late 90s into the early 2000s, and that was the PlayStation platform. Coincidentally, the series sold twice more on the PS consoles than anywhere else, Namco's own sales numbers can confirm that. When they strayed from the PS platform and started going all over the place, sales of the series was halved for every game.

On another note, Vesperia is in the works for the west, there's a multitude of evidence available on the web, if people know where to look. Even Troy Baker confirmed last year that he and the other voice actors had done additional work adding on the voice work for Patty (character not in the 360 version). It's coming, but Namdai is being frustratingly tight lipped about it.

Lavalamp3442d ago

So there's nothing stopping you Namco. Give us all your Tales.

coryok3442d ago

why would they ignore the only platform that theyve had good sales on lol

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The story is too old to be commented.