Mass Effect Inspired By Final Fantasy Film According to Bioware

Art Director from Bioware discussed great influences to the Mass Effect universe, some fans may find this surprising but one of the developers biggest influences is movie from Square Enix Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

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kane_13713447d ago

have you seen that movie?
It literally owns, although it is absurd as hell

perfectCarbonara3447d ago

BS, that film is massively underrated IMO

I enjoyed it a lot and have waited for 10 years for Square Enix to make a FF game like FF:TSW.

May not be a TRUE FF film like Advent Children was but as a sci-fi flick, it was cool.

MWong3447d ago

Yea it wasn't a true FF movie, but as a sci-fi standalone flick it was really good.

I can definitely see FF:TSW in ME now that they mention it.

jack_burt0n3447d ago

awesome news, TSW has the kind of depth ME has been missing.

hardly absurd, the spirits/dead energy is a metaphor for the elements of our reality that are killing us everyday without being able to see it, ELM, nuclear radiation, cancer etc.

firemassacre3447d ago

Interesting news, i have faith Bioware will produce a great product.

Foxgod3447d ago

The movie was ok, but i enjoy mass effect 100 x more.
Mass effect became my favorite video game series, i like its universe even better then Star Trek and Star Wars.

dc13447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I have played the Mass Effect Series to the point of tears.
ME 1 on PC onces
ME 2 On PS3 4
ME 2 on PC 2

Great game(s)/Story/Characters/Races /History/Depth .. can I agree with you?? Dare I say it... YES: The writers have created a much more interesting universe than Star Trek or Star Wars.

wwm0nkey3447d ago

Everyone bitched because Spirits Within wasnt "Final Fantasy" enough. It was still a great movie damnit!

Infernostew3447d ago

Ah the movie that almost made Square go bankrupt.

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The story is too old to be commented.