StarCraft 2 Beginners Tip: Control Groups

Nolan attempts to help newer players with StarCraft 2 tips. This week he explains the importance of control groups, and how to use them.

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BeardedGamerShow3440d ago

I've seen videos of Korean players grouping stuff together, several hundred actions per minute. Looks more like work than gaming.

bmw693440d ago

Those guys are mental

captain-obvious3439d ago

those Korean pro gamres play this game as a full time job
they live with the money they make playing in tourneys

but when you are not in a por league
you are just normal
normal players usually go around 70 APM
which isn't really much TBH its just the numbers that makes it look too much

captain-obvious3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

(1) all hatches
(2) all queens
(3) all infestors (sometimes mutas)
(4-9) the army

that my set up