Shift 2: Unleashed - SpeedHunters & Legends DLC Packs coming to PC for FREE

DSOGaming writes: "Both of these DLC Packs will be free. Speedhunters & Legends will be made available on June 30th for free via"

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F4sterTh4nFTL3442d ago

Perhaps Origin is a good alternative to Steam and this will lead to good competition. Keep it coming EA you are on the right path because the PCs appeal is universal while consoles appeal is mostly limited to North America, some parts of Europe and Japan. PC Gamers will always outnumber console gamers and EAs mission should be to convert the non-paying customers to paying customers by offering value in terms of quality, support, and fair pricing.

dirthurts3442d ago

I don't want cars...
I want my promised patch 2!

aaaaaaaaa3442d ago

how can you not want more tracks & cars for FREE
I will agree with you on it does needs another patch but due to the user base being so low i dont think it will ever happen

dirthurts3441d ago

Better gameplay performance would give me much more enjoyment that more cars on a stuttering game...
but that's just my thoughts.

aaaaaaaaa3441d ago

yep i agree with you it would be nice if they fixed the game crossfire/sli performance, glitchy graphics, bad FFB wheel suport and many other things but like the amount of replys for this article very few almost none just like the ammont of people still playing the game which is a shame because it a good game